Four Steps to Determining the Scope and Relevance of Social media

The social networks have reached an extraordinary peak knowing them to manage, can be beneficial to many areas of some companies. Fundamental to them is the knowledge of user behavior in order to determine the scope of our message and relevance of them. There are many ways to determine the scope and relevance , but it might be good to focus on two simple questions:

1) What number and what kind of people I’m coming with my efforts in Social Media?
2) How we will develop content specifically targeted to these people?

The scope and work closely with relevant metrics, helping you determine the effectiveness of your campaign and how to improve your interactions. It is not only how many people are coming, but if you’re heading to the right audience and relevant at a time.
Here are four steps that will help you examine and understand the scope and relevance of your message in a Social Media strategy.

Step 1 – Determine the current scope

This is the easy part. Your strategy in Social Media interaction likely involves multiple platforms.Measure its scope is to find how many people follow you or have chosen to establish a relationship with you on every platform. For example:

• How many Twitter followers do you have?
• How many Facebook fans?
• How many YouTube subscribers?
• How quickly your audience grows in each of these networks?
• What is the number of page views of your blog?
• What is the average number of retweets your content?

All these numbers will give you a clear idea of the scope and expected growth potential in view of your current strategy. The goal is to increase your reach , so the following three steps are designed to help you increase your business and know what is happening channels.

Step 2 – Determine the demographics of your fans

The scope is not the ultimate objective measures success in Social Media . You may have gained a huge following on Twitter or Facebook , but that does not correspond with the growth of the business.You may also be struggling to grow your reach and followers you have, are fans and are very committed to you to recommend your content to others.
By measuring your fingertips, you need to look beyond the numbers in general. It is important to understand who are your supporters and fans , and learn about their demographics as possible.Using the measurement information available on most platforms, data can be determined as:

• Age
• Location
• Genre
• Type of content preferred
• Other interests

You can review this information together with the measurement of interactions to determine which subset of the numbers in general are more active and also what content is appealing to different demographics within their constituency as a whole.

Step 3 – Calibrate the relevance of content and interactions

Once you have determined who is forming the core of your presence in social media , you’re ready to start developing content that is highly relevant to your audience.
The relevance of the content is the key to the success of your Social Media strategy. You might have a massive reach, but without relevance, is not effectively connecting with constituents, and as a result, you’ll never see the positive results for your business. You can measure the relevance of your content by checking how users interact with it. The following questions will help:

• What content has generated most of the interactions in recent months?
• What was the feeling of those interactions?
• How the content is related to my business / brand / product?
• What was the demographic Highlights of users who interact with your content?
• What content generated less interaction occurred?
• Why did not succeed the content?

Relevance is what enables brands to harness the power of amplification through a network of users.When the content is relevant, is likely to be shared by your followers among his friends and quickly spread and generate value from a wider network. By interacting on social networks, the relevance is the first thing any marketer should consider before developing or publishing content, so you understand what worked and what not, is the first step in creating truly relevant content in the future.
The specific orientation of the influencers in your network of followers is also key, as these evangelists have earned the trust of readers in their sector and have a special impact on them.

Step 4 – Customize the content to increase relevance to the main public

The final step of your reach and relevance is to create and test new content based on what you have learned about the profile of users who follow you through the last three steps. The generation of highly relevant content and targeted to specific groups of users in a meaningful way will begin to grow their interactions.
Then you can compare previous data with new data set to modify and refine your campaign , in order to identify what is working and what is not. As the relevance of content grows and continues to reach your target audience, increase its power generating meaningful interactions with the fans that will result in business growth and is therefore in sales.
Once you get used to control a process of regular measurement and have a set of relevant statistics of the trends of your users, you will see improvements in your business driven by the extent of your message through influential users.

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