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Flexispy : Cellphone Spy Software

Flexispy : Cellphone Spy Software

I’m an iPhone user and some time back I needed to install an app on my phone, which will let me monitor every detail on my phone. I came across this useful app call FlexiSpy which was offering mobile spy app for almost all the mobile OS. The idea of spying mobile sounds interesting and geeky to me and I thought of trying it.

Though, I will add review later but for now lets learn what’s this app all about and how it’s going to help you. This is very useful for spy agencies who keep an eye on cheating spouse and wives. Though, spying may sounds unethical at time but it make complete sense to be clear your doubts.

Also, if you have a child and you want to make sure child is not browsing or using his smartphone for sexting or some one is stalking your child, such spy apps comes very handy.


Have you ever thought that someone can spy your cell phone activities including everything : Your call logs, SMS logs, GPRS activities and much more than that you can think of.

What is FlexySpy?

FlexiSpy is an old company who have launched many mobile spy apps. To name them, here are list of OS for which you can find SPy app: Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile.  All you need to do is download the app (Now paid) on the mobile device you want to spy upon and simply install it. You can set up how often you want to get report and what all report you need. That includes whatsapp chat too.

One feature they have in their FlexySpy Omni, which will let you intercept calls and record calls. This is something very useful when you are catching an unloyal wife and need proof for divorce.  There are many more advance features like you can use their phone as bug and listen to conversation happening around.

Stealth feature will help you to stay undetected, this means other partner won’t even know if the app is installed or not. This way, you will remain undetected and you can keep an eye on all the activities happening on your partner phone.

How does Flexispy work?

Flexispy works on client-server module. The client gets installed on your mobile device in complete stealth mode and it will upload the data (logs) to the server whenever your mobile gets access to GPRS or Wi-Fi.

The FlexispyPRO version is more dangerous than light version of Flexi spy. Hacker can get the position of the users using GPS technology. Hacker can also have the ability to put on your microphone and   remotely listen to your conversation.

I find this service very alarming and personally I want everyone to be warned about sharing their mobile with strangers on Train/road and buses.

Though its an unethical act using this software but when you catch your wife cheating on you, your small children getting messages from some sex starving monsters, your workers selling your sensitive data using this software you will find it very useful and handy.

  • It supports Symbian mobile and iPhone as well.
  • It’s a personal choice to use it for ethical or unethical use.
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Flexispy also offers Android and iPhone spy apps which not only let you check call logs, SMS but you can also spy on Whats app messages. Specially, with the rise of Whatsapp app, it’s becoming essential for all the mobile spy software’s to have what’s app monitoring feature inside.

Have you used FlexiPly spy software ? How’s your experience with it?

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  • FPM

    I used spy on cellphones back when I was a homeless rodeo clown but not any more. Now I am a world class magician !

  • Raju

    I always thought having a spying tool (like keyloggers) on mobiles is not a big deal. But I never knew the name of such a tool. Thanks for letting us know!

    • P@r@noid

      Before I came across this software I used to think the same but then I realize I was wrong..the technology have taken lots of step ahead.


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