5 Ways You Can Start to Make Money From Blogging Without Waiting

Make money blogging instantly

At the very least, blogging can be a great source of side income, and at the most, the primary way in which you make your living. Here are five ways you can start pulling in money from blogging today.

Most bloggers maintain their blogs solely for personal reasons: as an easy way to communicate the latest news to family and friends, for instance, or even just for the fun of it. But blogging can also be a way to make money on the side, or even — if you spend enough time on it — a primary source of income.

Have you been told this before and disregarded it, thinking it was just another work from home scam? Are you skeptical that you could actually make any money blogging? Blogging certainly isn’t a get rich quick scheme, so don’t expect overnight riches — but if you are willing to put in the necessary time and effort, you could earn a tidy income from blogging.

Here are a five ways to start making money blogging right away.

1. Look for paid blogging gigs.

The best way to start getting paid to blog right away is to get a blogging job. Look for a gig that pays per blog post or a gig that pays ad revenue on a really well known, high-traffic site. Blogging for ad revenue shares on a virtually unheard-of blog should be avoided — the pay will most likely not be worth your effort, and unless the site owner is doing a good job of promoting their new blog or blog network, you may even be able to make more with advertising revenue on your own blog.

Blogging gigs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes a company will hire a freelance writer to research, write, and maintain their company blog. Other times the company might hire you to write posts that will be placed on other people’s blogs (Guest blogging gigs), in order to promote the company on the Internet. Some blog owners also pay bloggers to help them write for a blog that has gotten too big for them to maintain alone, or even for one-off guest posts.

Blogging gigs are great because they offer an immediate source of income. They often don’t require you to do the legwork in order to promote the blog, and you can negotiate the terms so that you get a decent wage from the work you are doing.

2. Put ads on your own blog or blogs.

Basically, your blog will be most successful if you research to find a good niche (or several good niches, if you plan on starting more than one blog), post frequently, and promote your blog in order to build readership.

Whether you have an existing blog or are just starting one, you can get set up quickly and easily with pay-per-click ad services such as AdSense, and get started selling ad space right away. These services pay you every time someone clicks on an ad; payments per click may be just pennies, or as much as a dollar or two, depending on the ad and its placement. More popular and established blogs will attract higher-paying ads.

You can also sell ad space directly to companies. Generally companies will pay you a certain amount per month to run their ad; the amount your blog can command will depend on your traffic and your conversion rate (which you can get from your AdSense ads). This is a preferable way to make money from ads, because you get a guaranteed amount each month, and because companies tend to pay more when they deal with you directly.

3. Sell products on your blogs via affiliate ads.

Companies like Amazon introduced affiliate ads, which essentially allows you to list another company’s products on your page and earn a commission for any sales that go through your site. Selling products on your site via an affiliate program has a few benefits. One, you don’t have to go through all the work of selling your own products, such as storing inventory, shipping items, and setting prices — you just get a commission on every item that sells through the referral links placed on your blog. In addition, you can offer a wide variety of products tailored to your readers or your specific niche, and you can offer an even better variety if you establish affiliate relationships with more than one company.

4. Sell your own products on your blog.

Have something that you want to sell? You can use blogs to sell almost anything, from online garage sales or yard sales, to ebooks. Blog posts can be used to describe products, answer questions, and push sales. Blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress make designing and managing a blog much easier than building your own website from scratch, not to mention blogs can offer a friendlier, more casual forum in which to push your product. More people buy things online than ever before, but by selling items on a blog, you won’t have to pay the fees that eBay and other sites charge.

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5. Use your blog to promote your business.

Finally, a blog can easily be used to promote your own business. For instance, many freelance writers keep blogs so that they can network with other freelancers and reach clients by offering advice and improving their website’s search engine ranking. Other businesses, from insurance agents to cleaning companies, also maintain blogs to help establish themselves as experts and provide information for web surfers.

  • Benefits of blogging for business

Blogging helps you to make money by promoting your business in a couple of ways. For one thing, it improves your website’s search engine ranking by updating your site more often and helping to generate links to your site via your blog. It also provides a forum where you can talk about your business, your services and/or products, and draw in potential clients by providing a valuable source of information on the subject.

Many people have found blogging to be a source of income, but not everyone goes about it the same way. Using one or more of the five approaches described here, you can easily and quickly start raking in money by blogging!


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  1. says

    Some of the methods mentioned here are based on traffic to your site. The more the traffic, the more the income and in this manner, we have to wait to get an established traffic at least.

    But you have also mentioned some very nice methods that depend of our capacity and so, we can start making money without any waiting, which satisfies your title.

    Nice list of methods Caleb :)

  2. Dhananjay Mittal says

    Please help me out. on my website every day 3000 visit are coming but i am unable to earn money from them. i have already start google adsense but money is still nil. Tell me way how i can earn money

  3. Aditya Singh says

    Nice Article.But I have 1 question. As you said sell ads space. new blogger can’t do that.
    BUYSELLADS don’t approve new blogs.

    • says

      New blogs usually have tough time getting an approved BuySellAds account…And also to get direct advertisements.. In that period take advantage of other ad networks like Infolinks, AdSense and once you have build a decent number of traffic.. You can get direct advertisement via BuySellAds or you can put an advertisement page on your blog along with your blog demographic, and this will work in many cases….

  4. says

    All the above tips are not quite new but are produced in an interesting way to refresh the will of all bloggers to keep following them to make money without much efforts and desperation. Thanks for sharing such a well written post

  5. Abhinav Jain says

    Yes it is not that easy to make money from your blog with in a day or so. One has to really put in hard work – promote blog – get traffic and the convert. And all this takes time

  6. Sandeep says

    these methods you’ve mentioned are nice ways to make money online through your blog… the only thing being that you need to work consistently and have patience while doing the same..


  7. Sahl says

    Writing article’s or promoting products would be the best way!

    you cannot directly start earning from a blog, It takes time

    and believe me, alot of efforts!

  8. Fayaz Ahmad says

    If you are perfect in any niche then you can make handsome income by blogging this may be the best way to increase you income