What Did Getting Less Traffic from My First Guest Post Taught me

Guest posting is the buzzword these days and few days back I heard Harsh mentioned in one of his posts that ever since Penguin happened he has been getting a large number of guest posting requests everyday. While this may be a good thing for any ordinary blogger, for the top notch bloggers it becomes a headache. At the time of publishing my first guest post there were 43 others in queue here at ShoutMeLoud, many of them rejected for reasons such as irrelevant content, poor readability and many other factors. Despite having passed all such meters of guest blogging on a premier blog which teaches “ How to blog” I failed in getting enough visits. My guest post was titled “5 blogging lessons you learnt at school”.

Guest Blogging Effort

While it was ok, it was nothing out of the ordinary. The post just told about the H2 tags, keyword research and plain old stuff in a new light. Since there were not many errors, and the post scored on readability and a little bit of SEO it got published but then it was unlike any other ShoutMeLoud post which teaches us how to do stuff related to blogging.

How can you maximize your guest blogging results?

Research the content type on the blog:

It was my first guest blog ever and the sheer excitement of blogging there gave me jitters. I had an idea in my mind which I thought was great and so went ahead publishing it. I did not do proper research on the quality of posts here and that led me to receiving no response from the wide audience that resides here. Being a DIY blog the content which would get noticed here would be something that educates the reader to something themselves. I recently read a guest article on Internet marketing which was so well written that Harsh shared it on his Facebook wall( He doesn’t do that with every post). The post taught the existing audience about a way of making money online which is not frequently discussed here. I believe that it would have won the hearts of many since it includes the real-story of the person. Internet marketing enabled him to quit his job in 12 months.

Give the best stuff away:

What many do with a guest post is that they write a post which is good enough that it cannot be rejected but at the same time it may be vague. They do not write great content. There’s one thing that I would like to tell you about guest blogging and that is that despite of these guest posts, bloggers are searching for great guest posts, guest blogging is losing quality and being done in the same way as article marketing.

In the future when an update comes against it, what many bloggers would do is shoo away all those posts which are not great. I scarcely read guest posts on my favourite blogs the reason being that not only they lack the voice of my favourite blogger they also are too vague, often repeating the same things which I already know. But since bloggers are involved in so many things guest bloggers some times have their way.

To build your credibility before a new audience you need to make them believe that you are as good as the host himself. Only then will you get visits and appreciation before a new audience. Here is guest post which tells you exactly how to get AdSense approved for a one month old blog. I am sure it resonates with the audience here because the first attempt at blog monetization is AdSense. The post is well worth a look.

Do not go for multi author websites where the main blogger is dead:

With guest blogging blooming like lotuses in mud there have emerged, or there are good blogs of the past which have been converted into a multi author, multi topic blogs. The main blogger is seldom seen. I am not talking about ShoutMeLoud. Harsh runs over 10 plus blogs but he is never seen missing here and never is ShoutMeLoud going to be dominated by a guest blogger.

The life of a blog is in its vibrant audience which is addicted to the voice of the main blogger. While multi author blogs may seem like a romantic idea at first the grass may not be greener there. The audience has its first preference for the main blogger, the host. While its hard to capture the readership at ShoutMeLoud its easier than scaling Mount Everest when you are writing insanely useful or inspiring content.

Do not limit yourselves with the word limit:

Lot of blogs specify the minimum word limit for content but do not limit your thoughts by those limits. If you believe that there’s more you can say on this topic then say it. Readers would definitely go for a long post if they find it to be valuable. Do not attach much emotions with the length of posts, you are not wasting time writing. In deed your are making your work more valuable.

More over, we can’t deny the other benefits of guest blogging such as Backlinks and giving exposure to our brand and to us as a guest author. I’m sure I might not capture the heart of millions but many of you can connect with me via this article.

Do share your experience and tips for getting maximum exposure with your guest blogging Efforts?

This is a guest post by George from SeekDefo. If you would like to submit guest post, check our Adsense revenue sharing program.

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. George says

    You nailed it. Multi authors with the main blogger not making a single post is the worst thing that can happen to a blog.

  2. John Burnside says

    I have to day that I have noticed a deterioration of quality in the guest post submissions I have been recieving (barring a few exceptions). For the best blogs you need to have a really high quality post to be considered so make it quality!

  3. says

    Hi George,

    I can understand the situation when you first post and wait fro your post to get published or recognized by viewers ,as me also just posted my first guest post on shoutmeloud and still not published.
    But still have hopes that harsh will give a chance.

    Thank You
    shorya Bist
    From Youthofest.com

  4. George says

    You stole my heart with your point. Very true. Sites like smartpassiveincome if they do allow guest posting post only very high quality content. In such cases your email previous interaction, even if you’re trustworthy everything is checked. Iam having a hard time putting a sales pitch at copy blogger.

  5. says

    Great to hear your experience. However, when it comes to offer guest post to top blog where you scarcely find a guest post is an entirely different ball game. In such case, your outreach email or sales pitch also plays an important role.