Best Firefox Addon for Web Developers and Designers

Firefox Addon for Web Developer

Firefox is one of the best browser for developers. There are many handy Firefox Addon for Web Developer which will help them to boost their productivity and help them with project development.

The emergence of Mozilla Firefox in the world of browsers, back in 2004, was received eespecially well among the guild of web developers. On the one hand, some looked on favorably by the mere fact of being free software . For others, the most compelling feature was to be cross-platform , allowing them to continue developing for the web in the same environment in which they did for other applications without having to change operating system. But it certainly ended most convincing is the modularity offered by the system extensions , with the browser gained widely adaptable to their competitors.

Now, almost eight years later, Firefox’s growth has been enormous, and largely has benefited by importing part of the fame and the possibilities of their own extensions. If we take a look at what to expect in Firefox Aurora (name of the new version that includes more than the beta), we see that manydeveloper tools will become native , among which include an element inspector that incorporates thread Ariadne (let me use this Spanish expression, much more elegant than the English breadcrubms, bread crumbs) and a new view of styles CSS .

But while we await the coming of these developments, there remain many useful extensions for developers, and will surely survive the native tools to offer more specifics. Let me list some of the most interesting Firefox addon for Web developer to consider:

13 Firefox addon for Web developer :


The workhorse of the extensions, there is no doubt that Firebug has inspired many of the changes to come in the Mozilla browser. Its main feature, which left us all speechless when tested for the first time, is the ability to change the code on the fly and see those changes reflected instantly, without having to save the html document and reload it. If we add a JavaScript debugger and the ability to add new extensions to it, is quite understandable that Firebug is the Swiss Army knife that never fails in the house of a developer. This is one of the highly recommended Firefox Addon for any web-developer. If you are not aware of Firebox, you should consider watching some videos. <Link>

DOM Inspector

Surely DOM Inspector is one of the most affected by the arrival of the new tools native to Firefox, since their functionality, navigate through the Document Object Model , will be one that will incorporate Aurora. <Link>


This is an extension to Firebug (a metaextensión ) that adds the ability to manage cookies at will: edit the content or the expiration date, duplicate, delete … If Firebug helped us to tinker on the client side,Firecookie helps to be sick to the server with the information they place in our equipment. <Link>


Originally the idea of NoScript was to protect the boaters of potential malicious scripts or just heavy, from the developer point of view can help us to easily see how they react our pages in browsers without JavaScript. Yes, Web 2.0 and DHTML are fine, but our theory should be equally functional pages statically. <Link>


The idea behind MeasureIt is quite simple: while web designers just getting a critical eye when estimating the size in pixels, it is always helpful to have a ruler to measure the gap that extra between image and text, or the size of that layer you are overlapping the content. <Link>


ColorZilla another extension is aimed at designers who based their utility in its extreme simplicity. It lets you get the exact color of a pixel of a website and perform simple gradients. <Link>


Filezilla is one of the best FTP addon for Firefox. From my point of view, FireFTP offers fewer features than other customers do not have FTP , but not missing any major, with the advantage of upload and download files from the browser, without installing software on the system ( quite popular in certain work environments where software installation policy is very strict). <Link>

HTML Validator

Every time a website is designed to be taken into account all possible browsers and devices to be displayed, and to avoid having to revise it in each browser a few techniques are as effective as ensure that our code is completely valid. With the HTML Validator can verify the accuracy with which our code follows the guidelines of the W3C. <Link>


Greasemonkey is one of those extensions with a wider potential audience but can be very useful to developers. By using custom client script, you can pretend attacks XSS in your own page, or just see how events are triggered to call some JavaScript. <Link>


Do you have a website that should show different content to users who visit from Russia but you can not afford a ticket to Moscow? No problem with GEOLocate you can alter as you like geolocation sent to the server, so you can interact with maps and position-oriented interfaces while doing a virtual trip around the world. <Link>

User Agent Switcher

Not everyone can have dozens of browsers installed to check if your pages look good in every one of them. What we can achieve with User Agent Switcher is to modify the string to your browser identifies itself to the server, so that we send the most suitable code for this browser. Eye, this does not succeed in changing the rendering of our client, the engine of your browser will not change as easily as identification. <Link>


After Google made is clear that page speed impacts search engine ranking, this page speed addon us one of the must have Firefox addon for web developer. This addon will help us to analyze the speed of the page and you can work on page speed optimization. <Link>

Modify headers

The art of web development hides many toads and snakes, and sometimes it’s hard to find because we focus on all the HTML received and little else, while our problem can be found in the headwaters of the protocol HTTP . Dealing with this level is not easy, and therein lies the usefulness of headers Modify an extension designed to create, modify and filter headers HTTP sent. <Link>

These are nothing more than a dozen of the hundreds of useful firefox addon for Web developer you can find in the repositories of Mozilla. Have we forgotten some important? Let us know in the comments, tell us apart from all mentioned above, what other web development Firefox addon are you using?

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  1. Gautam Doddamani says

    firebug is no doubt the best plugin i actually open firefox for the same thing otherwise i am a fan of chrome itself! thanks for this awesome collection! :)

  2. rakesh says

    A little bit disappointed, not having web-developer plugins for firefox in this list. Otherwise an almost perfect list for any web-developer

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    After the recently launched new version of Firefox, i have started using it and certainly this pots could not have come up at a better time for me, at least