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Find your Recurring Pay list in Paypal

Find your Recurring Pay list in Paypal

Paypal is one must have transaction tool for any internet marketer and I have been using it from quite long. Many website let you link your account with paypal, so that they it will automatically make the payment every month. This is good but many times when you cancel your account from that merchant or service, they scam you and charge you again from paypal. You have the option to create a ticket using paypal resolution center and claim your money back, but the best advice would be find which merchants are linked to your paypal account for monthly recurring charges and you can cancel it from your account.

So here is the little procedure which you can use to find which billers are added into your paypal and you can cancel it .

To access the list, click on your profile link at the top navbar and click on Pay list.

From there you can see the list of all the merchant which are linked with your paypal account and by clicking on any merchant details link. You can cancel the account. This is small but very effective tip to make sure you never get scammed by any company.

Do have more safety tips to share for paypal? Let us know.

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  • Avinash

    Using the GMail Paypal Trustworthy Key can also be useful, in identifying the scam paypal emails in your Inbox

  • Sourish Nath

    Well teher were few merchants like Manashosting where i took hosting at cheap rates. Paid via paypal, but soon came to know about their miserable service.Launched a paypal dispute and got my money back.The guys there are still dont know i had my refund and didnt cancel my hosting either . :)


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