Nearbytweets : Find Twitter users Tweeting Across the Street

Twitter is all about connecting to right people and make strong connection. Believe it or not, connecting to people who is tweeting near by is always a plus. Today, we are going to talk about NearByTweets service, which is geographical location based twitter service and let you find Tweet user, who are Tweeting from nearby location. For example, at the time of writing my location is New delhi, India and I need to find people who are around my location, I will use this service and start following people whose profile interest me.

How to use NearbyTweets Service:

Unlike many other twitter based services, you need not need to login to find newarby Tweeps. This site will simply detect your location and start showing Tweets and Twitter users.


Not only location, you can also set target Keywords and find near by users who are Tweeting based on your Keywords. Well, this approach will make you reachable to more target audience. Though, it’s uncertain if they will follow you but in most of the time you will find people following you, else you can use many online tools to unfollow them.

You can also set a custom location and find Twitter users in that area. This feature is something which is very handy for any business and service providers to find target customers. You can also input your brand competitor Keyword and find people talking about it, and you can get in touch via personalized twitter message.

Thoguh it all depends upon your approach but this simple twitter based srevice: Nearbytweets can be very handy for businesses who need to find targeted people based on location and Keyword.

Here is a screenshot of Preference tab, which you can customize according to your requirement:

Find Tweets nearby

Some time, NearbyTweets is unable to determine your location, in this case you can manually enter your location and find users around your area. Twitter has become one important social networking tool for everyone. If you have not joined Twitter I will suggest join Twitter now before you miss the fun.

Link: Nearbytweets

If you wish you can connect me on my new Twitter profile : @denharsh

Do let us know if you are using any similar services like this to find Nearby Tweeps?

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