How to Find Blog Top Landing Pages using Google Analytics?

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Earlier, when I was talking about top landing pages, I mentioned how you can use it to make most out of it and I realize, many new users are not aware of how to find Top pages from their blog. Here I’m not talking about pages with high Mozrank or PR, but pages which is getting maximum traffic. We are not concerned with Traffic source, as our goal is to find such pages, improve them and make readers stick more to our Website and let them read more.

One of the easiest way to find maximum traffic page from your blog is by looking into Website stats program are you using. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I use stats and Google analytics to track Website traffic. stats is pretty simple and can give the data, but since I’m interested in knowing more like:

  • Where those traffic is coming from?
  • What’s the Keyword being used to find my page?
One word of caution: I usually check the Keyword first (Using SEMRUSH and GA Javascript) and make changes accordingly, so that my Keyword ranking remains same. Because, in past I tried improving few posts and in process my On Page SEO score and Keyword density changed, and pages jumped down. So, make sure you maintain it if your traffic source is organic. If you don’t want to play with your Keyword ranking, you can find top pages which is getting referral traffic and social networking site traffic.

Find Pages Getting Maximum Traffic using Google Analytics:

Lets get started with our tutorial: Login to your Google analytics account and select your Website profile and go to your Website GA dashboard to get started. Click on Standard reporting at the top navbar.

Now click on Site content > Landing Pages > and it will show your top landing pages from the selected time. You can always change the date, which I usually keep for last 2-3 months. Here is a screenshot for your reference:

Pages with Maximum Traffic

You can also click on Secondary dimension and sort the page based on traffic source. Which is also a good idea, when you want to sort top pages based on traffic source. Now once you have  list of your top landing pages, add more related posts either manually or using scripts or you can also interlink more to make most out of it. Also make sure, you remind your readers to subscribe to your feeds to make them regular readers.

Do let me know what changes you usually make on your pages which gets maximum traffic and what other ways you are using to find top pages on your Blog?

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    small but really useful Analysis :-) Such facts people do ignore sometimes. But Thanks for making this to everybody knowledge

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