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    How to Detect Invisible Gtalk Users

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    Google’s Gtalk is one of the most popular IM service and most probably most light weight IM client. Here in this guide I’m sharing a tip to Detect Invisible Gtalk users. Google talk added Gtalk invisible feature some time back and there was no way by which we can catch people who are online but status is invisible. I really hoped for some Google talk invisible software’s but by the time we get hold of any such software, here is a simple social engineering hack which worked for many to check invisible Gtalk user.

    We always have many yahoo messenger tracking sites but it’s not the same for Gtalk users.

    Find Invisible Google talk users:

    Follow the steps and you will end up finding the actual status of the user.

    • Open The Chat window of the user, you want to check the status.
    • Click on option and click on “Go Off the Record”
    go off the record How to Detect Invisible Gtalk Users
    • Now message user
    • If you get something in red that the user is offline and can’t receive messages that means the user is offline
    offline How to Detect Invisible Gtalk Users
    • If you didn’t get any message in red that means user is online in invisible mode..:)
    google talk invisible How to Detect Invisible Gtalk Users

    Invisible on Google talk

    Now Enjoy the tip and catch your friends who pretend to be offline on Gtalk. Meanwhile, if you happened to know any new and easy trick to detetct invisible Gtalk user or any working Gtalk invisible detetctor software, then do let us know.

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    Rocking dude
    but dont know whether it actually works


    can i unblock myself from someone’s list on gtalk


    @ Priya I’m sorry you can’t do it. Only best way is to ask the person to unblock you.


    We can detect invisible in yahoo, without going to their chat window.if this facility possible in Gtalk?


    @ Sidharth
    Services which you are talking about are http://www.shoutmeloud.com/tracking-yahoo-user-online-or-offline.html

    Anyways there is no trick like this for Google talk..Will update when any of this service will come into exist.


    this trick doesn’t work , btw I’ve found vizgin.com for yahoo messenger invisible detecting , you can use it if you want

    Manoj Varghese Mathew

    omg!!! if its so!! its easier to find how all are making fool of each other… great piece of info!!


    A software who can tell me who is online when i am is offline on gtalk


    Hi friends can any1 tell me , how to findout friends who are in invisible state (yahoo).


    This one didn’t work. I tried it with my own account. i have to gmail accnt. i open the other one. the other one is offline. and it didn’t work. sorry!

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