How To Find Extra Hours for Blogging to Earn More

Find extra time for WorkWhat’s the ONLY thing that is common in everyone of us?

It’s the time. Everyone has 24 hours, but only few people succeed who can manage their time properly.

You may delay, but time will not ― Benjamin Franklin

If you are a blogger and finding it hard to spend time on blogging, this article is for you. Read and implement the following time management tips for bloggers to get things done without any further ado.

Few things which will help you to buy extra time:

Outsource few things

Writing contents for your blog is the most time consuming part in blogging. If you have a day job or college, you can’t find quality time in writing captivating blog posts (most of the time, great articles take a lot of time from researching to promoting the posts).

So if you want to find extra time for blogging, outsource writing part. Hire any writer who can create good content for your blog at reasonable price. Or attract guest bloggers to guest posts on your blogs. But to attract more people to guest post on your site, you must have good credibility. And set strict guidelines for the guest posters, don’t encourage the people who guest posts only for the sake of back links. They won’t add any value to your blog readers or blog in the long run.

Saying no is saying yes

Internet is the BIGGEST distraction for most of the people who work online. Make technology work for you, not against you. We have already talked about this here.

Whenever you find free time, invest it on blogging, networking and taking your blog to the next level – don’t use your free time on Facebooking or YouTube.

If you are a college/school student, you will have more chances to get attracted towards Facebook and twitter. If you want to get rid of social media site addiction, follow these simple tips.

  • Don’t open Facebook/twitter or email inbox first thing in the morning (you will have more chances to easily get distracted)
  • Reward yourself for opening these sites only after finishing few tasks
  • Use cold turkey to get rid of Facebook, twitter or YouTube addiction if you find yourself too much addicted

Schedule posts in advance

By having blog posts in advance, you will always find it easy to post them on your sites even if you don’t have much time to write contents for your blog. Moreover, having advance posts can help you to consistently post without hurting your posting frequency much.

Whenever you find time, spend it wisely to take your blog to the next level.

Here are few tips to always have advanced posts on your blogs.

  • Whenever you get blog post ideas, write them down and store them as drafts on your WordPress dashboard (use headlines for each draft)
  • Try to finish sub headings for each and every draft you have on your WordPress dashboard
  • Fill them up every time you get free time  (you can start writing your most interesting topics first, this way you will find yourself motivated to finish all the drafts)

How many advanced posts can help you blogging easily?

It depends on your niche and posting frequency. Having a month full of blog posts in advance is always better, it can help you post on your blogs even if you don’t have time or enough motivation to write. If you are posting thrice a week, having 10 fully written posts in advance is great or if you are posting daily, having 30 to 40 fully written posts can serve you better.

Time yourself

Set aside few hours a week to do Internet marketing or work on your blog goals.

Where can you find free time to blog?

  • Make it a habit of getting up early (waking up 1 hour before can earn you 30 EXTRA hours a month – that’s a lot of time, right?)
  • Finish your lunch early and spend time in writing or crafting your posts (it becomes easy if you’ve android phone, there are many features to blog without any hassle)
  • Don’t watch TV after reaching home (set the time to promoting your blog or networking with others to develop your blogs)
  • Spend more time on blogging in the weekends (usually weekends have more time to spend on blogging)

Make a To-do list and keep it short

Creating a To-do list is the most productive tip that can help you achieve your goals a lot easier. But most people find it hard to finish their tasks on their lists because they always create more tasks.

The more tasks you have in your lists, the more complex it becomes to finish them. So try to create a list with very few tasks to finish. Having 3 to 5 micro goals everyday on your list can help you finish all of your tasks without any trouble. Moreover you will find it easy to get more productive in doing things in the long run.

Here are few tips to create a list that works always.

  • Write 3 to 5 tasks on a paper
  • Prioritize them (if you don’t finish any of the tasks in the list, those will become the top priority tasks for the next day and so on)
  • Reward yourself if you finish your tasks in time (you can watch TV, open Facebook or go out with
  • your friends)
  • Create a not to do list (don’t do these things until you finish the tasks on your list)
  • Productivity tips to get more done in less time

In a nutshell: There’s nothing like finding free time to blog, you have to find yourself free hours to develop your blogging strategies. If you want to succeed in blogging you must learn and follow time management tips. Taking action is what makes you a better blogger, action is what makes you earn more money in the limited time, so take action.

What time management tips you have for bloggers? Please share them below in the comment section.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Kavish Kansal says

    Satish you have really helped me understand the problem that i was facing regarding my blog. Thanks for this post..

  2. himanshu says

    Finding extra hours for blogging means getting your blog ahead of your competitor in the race and establishing a good domain authority of your blog.The social media sites like mainly the facebook is much distracting for you and your blog. Nice post Satish well written.

  3. Ravi Verma says

    Schedule posting is a good way to have extra time for other stuff in blogging.

    Most of Bloggers doesn’t find enough time to create more than 2 or 3 blogposts in a day.

    Btw these tips are outstanding to save and for better utilization of time in Blogging.

  4. Edson Hale says

    It’s really damn difficult to manage part-time blogging eespecially if your full-time job has odd hours. In this way first option is obviously to outsource some blogging jobs but I don’t agree to outsource the content writing because it is the life and blood of the success of your blog. Instead of it, better to outsource blog development related work, social media sharing and content marketing while taking full control of content writing in your own hands. It is reason is you cannot put your passion in an already written post while hired writer don’t have as much passion for a post as the blog owner has.
    Any way it’s a wonderful post on blogging time management and will help a lot to those who always complain of lack of time for blogging. Thanks buddy

  5. Harsh says

    The tips are pretty true and many are obvious too but the problem is in being consistent! Its this laziness that takes over your mind. Cold turkey was fresh information, gonna try it out.

  6. says

    Hey Satish,
    This is really a great post. I’ve read it twice.
    Agree with your all points. I used to spend 4-5 hours in front of my laptop. When I went to bed I found that i’ve done only few tasks where I should do more. This happened because I only surfed internet with out doing anything and I didn’t maintain any To-do list.
    But I was able to get rid of that by using a to-do list.
    And I am going to apply “Reward yourself if you finish your tasks in time “. Actually I am doing it but I reward myself before finishing task :).
    BTW really enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing nice tips.

  7. Dean Saliba says

    My main problem is lack of motivation. Take for now as an example, I’m meant to be writing some articles for my blog but instead I’m avoiding it by looking at the blogs I have saved in my RSS feed reader.

    If I could find some way of making me focus a little bit more I’d be a lot richer!

    • Richard Perfect says

      Heh – I’m a bit like that too. According to the productivity gurus I’ve read and I’ve found this to be true myself is to; Just Get Started.

      Once you’ve started it’s much easier to keep going. So in your case it would be; just get your text editor open and then just get some headlines down. Once you’ve written a few ideas you’ll find that one of them sparks your interest and that get the whole ball rolling.

  8. says

    a really help full post Satish …. after reading this post i ralized many things that i always do n ultimately fall short of time for blogging .. i guess this wastage of time is the only reason why i havent started earning from my blog as yet …