Find And Use SEO Secrets of Other Websites

Find SEO secretsKeeping an eye on your competitors’ SEO efforts is very important these days. As a blogger, I try to monitor my competitor’s keywords phrases, niche selections, alexa rank, page rank, traffic stats, backlinks etc. It helps me streamline my efforts to optimize my blog. It also helps me to determine the rate of growth of my site as compared to others.

How do I find the SEO secrets of other websites?

Earlier I used services like and to determine things like traffic, backlinks, pagerank etc. But these days I use dedicated services like the following to find the seo secrets of other websites,


At surcentro, you can find the visitor stats, pagerank, indexed pages, view Alexa and Compete graphs and other additional information about every single page on the web. Nice service, though not as good as SpyThisSite.

Ok, Secrets are out now! What else?

Once you know these detailed SEO stats of competitor websites, you can compare them with your sites to find out what’s best for you. For instance, if you see an increase in traffic of a website in your niche, you can immediately check what change they did on their website to get this spike in traffic. Then you can apply a similar change on your site and test. Don’t forget that SEO is an Optimize > Test > Optimize game.

Other then checking the SEO stats on SpyThisSite and Surcentro, you should also keep an eye on approximate valuation of yours and your competitions’ websites. Although these valuations aren’t exact, but if they keep increasing for my competitor sites, I’d be worried and I will immediately start looking for the things they did and I didn’t (Hint – Use Surcentro to find what they changed).

You can use the following services to calculate the website’s worth,


Cubestat is a free tool to calculate website value. Just enter the domain url and its internal algorithm will automatically calculate the worth, daily page views and daily ads revenue of the domain.


Just like Cubestat, WebsiteOutlook also provides a domain’s estimated worth, along with various stats like page views and daily ad revenue. Although I think cubestat is much better and accurate.

Offensive SEO?

This post was a bit different then what you usually see on ShoutMeLoud. Generally we all focus on optimizing our own site for SEO (and getting some backlinks, the cliched’ off-site SEO). But this time, we tried to show you another side of the picture. Keeping an eye on the competition and modifying your SEO campaigns based on it to get maximum output from your efforts.

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Do tell us what do you think about this approach?

This is a guest post by Mayur Somani who writes at Hacktrix. If you like to wrote for Shoutmeloud, do read How to become a guest author at Shoutmeloud.

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