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Fix your blogI know you love your blog and it hurts when someone gives you a negative feedback. But the negative feedback is a thing which is going to help you in your blogging. I have been browsing through many blogs lately and I take some time to leave feedbacks to bloggers, but it seems they get offended and never reply back or never try to correct it.

I decided to write a post here on Shout Me Loud to reach all my fellow bloggers and share few things I have learned. A perfect blog take care of every small details, and despite of having a proper checklist for blog, we still miss out many small small things. For example, at times we forget to add favico on our blog which helps us in branding of the blog. Similarly there are many little things on our blog which I’m mentioning here and you should fix it on your blog right away.

What things you should fix on your blog right-away?

The About Page

The About page is one of the most important page of a blog. Few bloggers use their own name as a domain name, that’s good for personal branding, and you should write about yourself on the about page, write few more thing followed by what the blog is about, what are your goal through this blog. If you run a multi authored blog, write about everyone (a short bio) who contributes to the blog or create a separate page for it. Also read: Importance of an about me page for your blog.

Clean Design to Focus on Content

Every blog needs content which is read by plenty of people, then why distract people by putting loads of ads in their way to read what they want?  Yes, experimenting with ad spots is a good thing but you should not get carried away with it. Fewer ads are more effective.

A good idea is to offer responsive theme now, as mobile users are increasing. Along with a proper content navigation is must have for a blog. If you don’t have a good theme on your blog, I would recommend you to grab Genesis theme pro package, which will let you give a professional look to your blog along with responsive design. If you are low in budget, you should grab Elegant or themes from Theme-junkie.

Same Ads on First fold of the blog

Few bloggers use same size ads in the first fold of a blog. They put 336×280 Image Ad before the post and 300×250 ads in the sidebar, which sometimes shows same ads. This looks awful. Look into your AdSense and see if it’s really worth doing that, I bet not. BY keeping variation in your ads, you will increase CTR.

Also with new Google page layout algo, I highly recommend you to keep less ads above the fold.

Too many options to share the post

Few bloggers put as many buttons available on the internet, below or above their post. Digg into Google Analytics and take some time to see where is your traffic coming from. Track thing down and remove useless buttons. Read: Social bookmarking buttons: How much is enough?

Depending upon your blog niche and audience, you should choose bookmarking buttons carefully. For example, here are three recommended one: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus.

A Proper Contact Page

This has happened so many times with me. Whenever I like a blog, I always try to send him/her an email appreciating the blog. But there are times when I am unable to fund a contact page. Few people open comments on a page and call readers to leave a message as a comment. Please do understand that few people would prefer not a say anything in public and would really want you to read their message in your inbox.

If you are using WordPress, you can use contact form 7 plugin or if you are using Jetpack plugin, it will let you add content form on your blog.

It’s time you should check the above list and make sure they are updated.

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    1. Shekhar says

      Nice one Asif. Contact page is necessary when you want to be contacted. Because you know the side bar problem of it.

    2. shashank chinchli says

      Great post asif,
      More the options greater are the chances of user getting confused,
      Even the ads concept, reali it sucks when both ads are same !!
      Thanks a lot for sharing such tips which matter a lot to readers.

    3. Nihar says

      You are right. eespecially more options on share post confuses visitor and makes them not to share at all…

    4. Kavya Hari says

      Generally, it’s one of the nice collection of blog post points. Thank you Asif for given here :)

    5. Dean Saliba says

      I’d suggest sponsored posts as a good way of making money without paying out too much. Apart from the domain and the web-hosting there will be no other expenses. :)

    6. Dean Saliba says

      Good post Asif. I’d like to add that having loads and loads of stuff in a sidebar is also a no-no. People, on the whole, are impatient and want sites to load quickly. :)

    7. asif says

      Thank for liking the post, I appreciate it. And Will soon publish the Follow up of this post. Many more points I want to share with you guys.

    8. Sandeep@CuriousLittlePerson says

      Hey Asif – That’s a good set of points bloggers should look at… i really need to work on my about page. .. thks for the reminder

    9. kbharath @ techntricksonline says

      A clean design is very important for a blog and also as you said adding lot of flashy ads all over the blog will distract the readers and they will not stay for long on the blog from this we will loose some readers or the traffic.

    10. hamarasathi says

      Hi Asif, Nice Post ,You can add one more point in your post about proper navigation buttons and use of category, so that visitor easily dig into your site and it will increase your pageviews.

    11. HackTik says

      Nice writeup. However, there is no one definite way to display your adsense ads. I have seen many bloggers having different experiences with same kind of ads and at the same location. It requires quite detailed analysis because it will vary based on “first time visitor” or “regular old visitor”.
      Nevertheless, I totally agree with “social media buttons” point. Today we have more buttons and far less sharing, I find them majority as unutilised.

    12. asif says

      no matter how big and famous we becoem we all start fro mscratch. Blogging is one of the works where you got be humble to achieve success. this is what I think, many would not agree with me. “:-)

    13. ashish says

      Nice list of options ,.. I would change the ads i am using to increase the CTR and make it look clear..

    14. Ella says

      Great post. I also like the subscribe buttons to be clearly visible – if I like a blog I want to be able to find a way to subscribe to it quickly. If I have to hunt through several pages, I’m likely to give up.

    15. Harry Sehgal says

      Thanks Asif for a Nice Tips. I am already Following it. Also Bloggers can Create a Services Page if they are offering any Services.

    16. Jay says

      I appreciate your effort and would like to like sum up your post by saying that proper navigation of blog is a must. Absolutely and I recommend that too.

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