Few Mistakes to Avoid Being a Blogger

Blogger mistakes to avoid

It’s not about to being an ‘A’ class blogger or nor it’s about how to generate traffic to your blog.  What it’s all about is how to avoid those things that can harm your blog as well as you while being a blogger. We are bloggers not machines that are overloaded with work; try to be a better blogger as well as a good human being. Try to relax your mind because a relaxed mind is more productive.

Here are few mistakes that you must avoid

Blog for Interest

Lot’s of people try to earn money from blogging, but very rare gets success.The reason behind their success is not that they are better blogger than you but, the reason is that they are blogging  not only for money but for their interest and passion what makes it all. So, don’t blog only for money. Try to develop your interest.

Spend Wisely:

When starting a blog you must clear all the things before hand that it is not like that your blog will become famous in a day or week. It takes time for everything to achieve a milestone in any field or to leave its mark. You must have patience don’t get maniac about advertisement and marketing and spending bulk of your money in beginning. Wait and Go Slow, Don’t spend too much money on marketing or in advertising merely in the beginning.

Stop thinking and start writing

If you are trying to write something and opening new tab each time and another and so on, and writing nothing .Then you are  just wasting time nothing else. I am saying this because it happens to me many times that I opened one tab to get latest news than exploring it more and more without even writing a single word. Don’t waste hours on just staring at news just try to write what you want?

Follow real & interesting people on Social media sites:

Instead of following everyone on twitter, making lot’s of friends in Facebook to get exposure. What you can do is to follow right people; it is enough to have a 10 right people instead of 100 who are not worthy. So try to utilize your time by finding right people not to find anyone who can join you. Don’t follow or make friends those who don’t have any interest in this field.

Treat your blog as Business:

This is not for everyone but for Bloggers who are making a full time living with Blogging. Yes, its a cool job and you can work in your pajamas but never treat your blog less than a business. Be careful while you are choosing or you can say recruiting a person to your business. What people usually do is they let their friends to join them to help them out in their business by not even knowing their choice. Choosing right people at right place is what will make your blog successful so that you feel happy to see behind not regretting at your decision. It is a business not a play ground that you can’t let your friends out.

Don’t write with Incomplete facts:

One thing we all might be doing or had done it many times is rushing out for a latest news and want to publish it before competitors or be the one in the list. When it get published, then realizing that you have done several mistakes. Don’t publish that post which you are not completely aware of like we all know half knowledge is dangerous.

I think after reading this post you might be laughing in your mind that you  also have done the same things whether knowingly or unknowingly, but it’s always Better Late Than Never.

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Kavita Arora is a Tech Blogger cum Music Lover, she love writing Technical Reviews and Tips. Besides Technical attachment, she is keenly attached with the Bollywood Love. She love writing movie reviews, and Song lyrics at Lyrics Masala


COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. Geet | HobbyIdeas says

    A must read article for beginners. Most of us tend to commit these mistakes at the beginning…

  2. Kavita Arora says

    I absolutely agree with you, We all learn from mistakes and from our fellow bloggers”
    Thank you for your opinion

  3. ramaraobobby says

    Well said Kavitaji… There’s no easy money on the internet eespecially being a blogger/writer, the creative challenge is to tussle, persevere and love your work making sure that your work reaches your audiences.

    I connect with you on that ‘opening new tab each time and another and so on, and writing nothing’ mistake which I tend to do sometimes and trying to avoid it . Needless to say, I guess everyone, whether a newbie in blogosphere or a professional at work, these kind of practices you’ve mentioned are the few little mistakes which happen knowingly or unknowingly hurting blogger performance and should be avoided at no cost for better ranking as a blogger. And always be “Optimistic” in your efforts while exploring the blogging passion. After all, optimism is what is essential to achieve and it is the basic foundation of courage and true progress. Isn’t it so kavithaji…?

  4. vikas says

    nice post

    every one running after money in this online world, so may be they think of quality work

  5. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Kavita, following people who are interested in my niche is the first mistake I have done in my blogging career. Well I have rectified it now and I am really glad you have mentioned that here in this article. Thanks for writing up an useful article.

  6. Sandeep@Curious Little Person says

    nice set of tips you’ve put down here… half knowledge is a killer no doubt… and yeah..many bloggers tend to jump into advertisements and expect overnight results..

    Patience is key as you’ve said.. blogging is more like planting a tree.. the stronger the roots the farther you will go…

  7. Vijayraj Reddy says

    many people start blog in which they don’t have interest, that should be avoided and always plan for long term….

  8. krishna @ newtricks.in says

    great tips i am the one who was following this mistake but now i l change my tricks and mind a bit , thanks

  9. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    I have been committing some of these mistakes so far. I will see to that I don’t repeat this in future.

  10. kbharath @ Techntricksonline says

    I have committed most of the mistakes like following the people who are not related to my niche and copying the thesis skin style of SML and the main mistake was i though that blogging is only for making money. bu i realized the facts lately and i am trying to go in right way.

  11. Jitendra Singh says

    Well said Kavita. Just now i am realizing that i am also doing few of above mentioned mistakes.

  12. sasiprk says

    good article kavitha….. Many of them not doing bloging on their own interest, they are rushing for earning money…… I think they should read this article…

    • Sandeep Singh says

      Yea sasi ! I completly agree with u . I see many new bloggers come in and jump out just because they dont earn here. I think they must surely read this article.

    • Kavita Arora says

      thanks sasiprk… as we all know if we love to do our work then only we can succeed in that.