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Make your Feedburner Feed Browser Friendly

Make your Feedburner Feed Browser Friendly

Few days back I talked about How to burn your feed using Feedburner? Continuing the series and adding more to it.

Under Feedburner we have lots of options like Optimize, Publicize and so on. I will cover sub topics one by one to give you a much better idea of Feedburner.

The first option under Feedburner is Optimize. Optimization means you can make your feed Optimize for different browsers and cross browsers.

Browser friendly feed

This option is selected by default but it’s always a good advice to cross check it. This option make your Feeds browser friendly. You can select the skin you want to use for your feeds and so on. This option also allow you to a header message which you want to include in   your feeds.

There are many subscription options which are selected by default but in case if you want to provide more subscription option and remove such subscription options which are not used more, you can do so. I feel the subscription options given in the default feed is outdated and google team should add more options to it.

Next option in Browser Friendly feed is how you want your content to show. You can show it using Title only or Title + content. A better advice would be use Title+content option.

So Once you are done changing the settings or your wish, hit the save button. We will cover the rest options in the upcoming posts.

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