Feed Pauser Plugin: Delay WordPress Feed Publishing

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Feed Pauser Plugin: Delay WordPress Feed Publishing

When ever we write a blog post, we can usually edit it in future to correct any mistakes or improve it. As soon as you hit publish button, on your WordPress editor, your post starts appearing in your feed, which is good for any news site. But for any blog who writes evergreen content, they don’t want to show tons of mistakes to their regular readers who are following you via feed. One simple idea to get rid of this issue is by delaying the Feed publishing in WordPress blog. The idea is, though we publish post now but posts will appear in feed after delay.

Here I’m talking about a useful WordPress plugin call Feed Pauser WordPress plugin which delayed the feed by any specified time in the settings. For example, I want my every new published post to appear in feeds only after 30 minutes, this plugin will let me do the same. This is very useful, specially when you have to publish a post quickly and no time for proof-reading, you can publish the post and make changes after that. This way, search engine bots will index your post and after half and hr your readers will read error free post.

Feed Pauser plugin helps in Getting rid of Windows Live writer Temp. post:

Another most important practical implementation of this plugin which I can think of is getting rid of temporary post created by Windows live writer in feeds. Usually our feeds are synced with our Facebook fan page, Twitter and so on, and when we use Windows live writer to detect our blog theme, it creates a temporary post and delete it automatically, but within that time post starts appearing in feeds. Using Feed pauser plugin you can delay the post publishing on feeds and get rid of Temporary post issue too.

Personally, I see this plugin as a useful plugin for every bloggers. Specially, who is in habit of proof reading articles after publishing it. It’s a wise idea to delay the publishing time by 30 minutes which is fair enough to make adequate changes on your recent published post. This plugin comes with only one setting page and you can access is under Posts > feed pauser. You can specify the time for which you want to delay the feed publishing. By default, when you activate the plugin it’s features are not activated. You have to do that manually from setting page.

In case, if you use this plugin and you are covering any breaking news, it’s better to your FB and Twitter fans by manually sharing it, so that you don’t miss out extra buzz for your breaking news.

Watch this video to understand the settings of feed pauser WordPress plugin

You can read more about feed pauser WordPress plugin and download from the link given

Feed pauser WordPress plugin

Do let us know if you delay your feed publishing or you publish your post on feed instantly? What are the other usage you can think of this plugin?

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  1. says

    This plugins seems to very useful and will be very helpful in case where we need to delay the feed for the specified time period. Thanks Harsh for this useful plugin :)

  2. Adeline says

    I’ve been using this plugin for a really long time and it does the job required of it without a hitch! Sometimes, the simplest and most effective tools are forgotten and its good to have articles written about such tools.

  3. jayaar says

    This is a great feature, Mr. Harsh!
    Human is prone to make mistakes, humans can edit the mistakes, humans can find a solution to keep the mistakes unexposed………!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Madhav Tripathi says

    Thanks Harsh for this post, this is a great plugin specially for the bloggers who make mistakes like me. It was not a problem until real time feed publishing not in use.

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