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For people like me who are addicted to Facebook and spend most of time on facebook will love this new addition by Facebook team. URL shortening service. In general Facebook URL are usually long , before Facebook introduced Facebook username feature and facebook custom name for fan pages, but still photo album URL are too long and ugly. This new URL shortening service will make your URL look much better and short and sweet.

Facebook URL Shortener

Though this new feature is released for limited set of users and will be available for everyone soon. You won’t be able to see this new feature in web interface of Facebook but if you use facebook mobile version that is you might be lucky to see the new service.

Seems like most of major web services are releasing their own URL Shortening service. Few months back Digg released its own URL shortening service and Stumble upon service.

You can still see this service live in action for all your facebook profile and pages. For example you can check Shoutmeloud Fan page with this URL :

Update: Facebook is not offering their URL shortener service to public, but all old links converted using it is working.

Do let us know your thought about new Facebook URL Shortener service?

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  • Phill Ohren

    Good post. Does anyone have an opinion around I see lots of Social fold using this service and i’m not entirely convinced around SEO accountability….

  • Anoop Sudhakaran

    Its not exactly a URL Shortening service! Its just a short URL of Facebook, You can only shorten the term

  • Sushant

    Google also has launched the same service through feddburner via Socialize.Check it out

  • ajeet

    lets see when orkut is going to launch their own service like this..???

    • Anoop Sudhakaran

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    Its Nice to hear that Fb is into URL trimming.. I hope that they will make this available to all very soon..

  • CA Karan Batra

    Still not visible on my profile..
    One more thing Harsh, ur blog is causing some problems on being loaded via mobile.. But this is a one off problem which I’m facing right now
    hasnt happened in the past

  • SmashinGeeks

    Good Service and I think its Shortest URL service.


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