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In Shoutmeloud monthly Traffic report I mentioned How facebook is one of the top traffic generating source for me. I have already shared a detailed guide on how to create Facebook fan page  and extending the list to growing your fan base. One of the most effective way to add more fans by adding Facebook fan box on your website.

Facebook Fan Box Widget

Two application which I mentioned for facebook are :

Another important thing which come along with traffic, is branding. Facebook Pages and Groups are a great way to Brand yourself. You can always take advantage of this free marketing tool to brand your blog and website.

Facebook has expended it’s wing for facebook pages, and come up with a new innovation of Fan Box.

What is Facebook Fan Box?

Fanbox is a widget for your Facebook pages, which you can use on your blog and website. Your readers can see the member and Directly join your Facebook Fan pages from the web page.

You need to be an admin of a page to get the code for Fan box, simply go to your Fb page and click on Manage > Edit page

Facebook Edit Page

Now, click on sources and click on use Social plugins:

Use Social Plugins

On the Social plugins page, select Like box option from selection. Fan box is popularly called as Like box.

Now just add your Page URL here on this page and you can easily get the code to add on your site for Fan box.

If you have not created your facebook blog page, you can grab it now by creating your Facebook page.

Link : Facebook pages

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Harsh Morjaria says

    Sir, I’m trying to add facebook fan page widget to my blog but there are code errors coming everytime I paste a code in blogger. What to do?

  2. khalid says

    Hi Harsh
    I saw your statistics on Alexa, its very encoraging.
    I am on blogging for last 5 months and around 260 blog posts but still only 29 plus visitors are there on my blog.
    I am on twitter, I am on facebook, blogcatalog, and some more but no result.
    Could you please suggest me on my blog.

  3. Tycoon Blogger says

    I am still not on facebook but I guess I will have to cave at some point. I keep hearing that it is great traffic source. I am wondering do you have an account as you the person, or you the blogger? I am trying to determine which one I should create.

    • says

      For me Facebook is one of the top source for traffic. The first application which I have mentioned at the top of the post “Networkedblog application” is very handy. Rest pages and groups are more for Branding and connecting to fans.
      It’s up to you, how do you wanna brand yourself, as a person or as a blog :)