5+1 Ways Towards a Failed Blogging Career

Failed blogging career In my blogging journey I got to know that there can be countless ways of becoming successful but a very few to choose failure and it will be wise enough to restrict our these steps towards failure; than following a new way of success every time.

So here in this article I tried to compile a few road blocker of your path in the wonderful journey of learning, sharing and achieving heights which we commonly known as.

Don’t lead yourself to a regretful blogging career

Blogging may not be a main-stream career option in India till now, but it’s still one of the most lucrative career option for youngsters and work from home people. It’s not only the money, but it’s freedom to speech and simplest way to become an online celebrity. Obviously, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and if you wish to make your name in the list of successful blogger, you need to have a strategy and a plan. Along with your goals, a workable plan; you also need to ensure that you keep yourself away from below mentioned points:

Lack of proper planning and execution

Most of people start blogging after seeing other bloggers, earning handsome amount of money or the fame. But the first mistake also happens at this level by not doing proper research and planning for your blog. They do just pick a niche or start blogging on random topics. If you want to go long in blogging race with positive results you must pick a niche in which you feel comfortable and passionate about. Just picking a random niche seeing others will drive you no where. Blogging requires a proper plan and dedication towards this plan with serious execution.

The introvert blogging

If your blog is not something which comes under category of private blog there is no need of hiding it from the cyber space. Only writing articles and developing a big pile of them on your blog without sharing with others will surely lead you no where. Don’t wait for Google to send a random guy to read your nicely crafted article, just show your writing talent to the web world by sharing your article on leading social networking websites such as Facebook, twitter, stumble upon etc. Not promoting your blog or blog post is like organizing a big party, and forgetting to invite the guests. Here you can learn some working tips to promote your blog and promote your blog posts after publishing.

Make it a habit to share your articles after writing them. There is a hungry mob over internet waiting for your ideas and information. So do blogging in extrovert mode there is no place of introverts at least in blogging it’s not required. Don’t forget to learn a small piece of SEO to make Google your friend.Do comment on related blogs develop relations.

Eating the cookies alone

Are you a selfish blogger? If you are only writing for your blog then you are. Only writing articles on your blog will make you owner of a blog having millions of self-written articles but in long run relations pay more. Develop relations with other fellow bloggers. Ask them that you wanted to guest post on their blog.

Guest posting will help you in developing relations in blogger community as well as to reach new readers. Guest posting is very good practice if you want to gain fame and authenticity in blogosphere. It also works like magical spell for producing traffic.So don’t repeat the mistake of eating all cookies alone, share some nice, sweet and worthy articles with other fellow bloggers.

The Ghost of writer’s block

You may believe or not but about half of bloggers leave blogging in the mid due the lack of ideas for writing. However writer’s block is a condition which every blogger faces in his blogger career now and then, but new bloggers who just started blogging to earn money, selected wrong niche suffers from this more often. If you are one of them do take proper steps to stop writer’s block before it become permanent blocker of your blogging career.

Writing for robots not for humans

Needless to say, content are the real driving factor for your blog. Many of us make mistakes by writing on-page optimized article, and we optimize it to an extent, that it’s readable by bots only. How about making your article more readable, and more user-friendly? Don’t engage in a habit of keyword stuffing, adding LSI keywords everywhere to make it more SEO friendly. Rather, write natural articles, and do enough optimization for Search engines, and rest social media share will be good enough to improve your ranking. Never forget; you are writing for someone like me, and not only for bots.

Blogging is one night game

Last but off course not the least; Seeing blogging as get rich quick scheme. Remember blogging is not one night game. It requires the same hard work as other traditional jobs. So don’t come in this field with a dream of becoming Darren Rowse or Pete Cashmore in a night. Blogging requires hard work and dedication for everything you want and there is no substitute of it.

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I hope this list will have given you a better idea of blog failures and the solutions. At last I just want to say that you can achieve anything what you dreamt of, even if it is blogging but efforts towards your goal is necessary because without efforts dreams only shows that you are sleeping and no one achieved anything just by sleeping. Waiting for your suggestions and reasons of blog failure.

This is a guest post by Vishal from How to bio. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Nanda says

    @Vishal: very truly said…u have given a nice overview on blogging…blogging too requires good amount of hardwork..and hardwork definitely pays..sooner or later..
    Best wishes for your future blogs..


  2. Vishal Srivastava says

    Blogging or anything that is associated with long time benefits either in terms of money or fame never comes over night. Continuous motivation is required to move ahead and it will never come from defining a large goal but dividing it into small but easily achievable goals. If you want to earn money and its your primary goal then you should have to focus seriously on smaller goals first viz-increasing traffic for first few months, mainting the quality of blog, posting some unique and evergreen articles. I am a blogger in field of something you can call no money at all niche, but i am blogging from last one year without a single penny earning because i am getting what i wanted outside the blogging. today i am celebrity in the field of biology research and motivation counselling. Soon will come with another interesting story about blogging. Hope Harsh will accept my that article too like this one.

  3. says

    @Harsh ,
    Last point you described is very Important .
    Most of people think that blogging is a get quick rich type game.When they actually comes in field blogging they are Unable to make huge money in starting. Most of them feels very disappointed and they give up blogging .

    • KAPIL says

      hi kinjalk tiwari, i like your comment, this is right, people especially boys thinks that blogging is a quick rich type game but you know why, here are many people’s that want to earn fast but they do not know it is not easy as they think.

      i will suggest to all guys and girls who wants to make money online fast, if you will have patience then you will defiantly will earn well. You just need to do quality work for your blog.

      i also want to say that i cleared 12th class last year then i learn internet marketing course from an institute but today a year has finished and I am working as SEO Executive in SEO Services company also try to start a own SEO services company. Still i do not have projects but I did not quit SEO, I will not quit it because I know this is great field to earn well.