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Face Your Manga : Create Free Avatars Online

Face Your Manga : Create Free Avatars Online

Online web is full of amazing websites and tools and here at ShoutMeLoud we keep covering such tools, which adds value and help us to do many things. Today we will look into one of such web service call “Face-Your-Manga”
Face your manga is a free online website to create free avatars online. Website is easy to use and you can select between lots of options to create free online avatar.

Getting Started with Face Your Manga:

This website doesn’t require much skills to create your first online avatar. You will be provided with many options to quickly create one cool avatar of your choice. Once you are signed up, very first thing which you will be doing is creating your Face profile for this site by selecting M/F. Once you have selected the Gender, on the next page you will be given many options to customize your avatar and make it cool. See the screenshot of editor:

Create Free Avatars

Now don’t get scared with the above image, as I used random generator to create this one. You can always use your creativity and create the one according to your choice. The best part about Face Your manga is, it’s not just an avatar creator site but it’s a social site, where you can like, comment and favorite avatars created by others. Here are some popular avatars like Barrack obama, Pitbull, Steve Jobs, Jack sparrow and so on.

Popular Avatars

Link : FaceYourManga

FaceYourmanage Avatar creator Online App:

Faceyourmanga Avatar Creator

They also have an iPhone app which also works pretty well but lacks many feature. As you can create only one avatar and edit it. Though you get all other options like share it on Facebook, Twitter and save it. But it lacks the social feature, as you can’t browse other avatars and it’s not linked to their online account. But for a decent iPhone online creator, Faceyourmanaga Avatar creator does a good job at a “Free” price tag.  What I like about this iPhone/iPad app is, creating avatar on it is way faster than their online portal. But, I would still recommend the online site over this app.


Do you any other alternate site which let us create free avatars online and has some exceptional features.

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  • nature666

    there are rumors on the web about a version 2 of faceyourmanga…does someone have news?

  • Raju

    LOL!! This is fun! am sure i dont have enough patience to make it look like me, but still its gonna be fun :D

  • Ajith Edassery

    Just what I wanted… However, the biggest challenge for me to make my imagination work in order to arrive at an avatar that resembles me :lol: I have tried it with other tools as well and failed miserably. Let me give it a shot though

  • gautam hans

    I used to wonder where all these avatar come from, i tried but cculdn’t find it. But i’ve found it now thanx!

  • Paritosh

    Nice work mate ! The avatar looks somewhat like you !


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