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    Facebook’s New Privacy Settings: A Google+ Rip-off?

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    Facebook just announced on their official blog that some new privacy settings and features will soon be rolled out. They aren’t live yet, but as the blog post goes, it looks like Facebook has taken a leaf out of Google’s social networking book to bring out the said new settings and features.

    facebook thumb Facebooks New Privacy Settings: A Google+ Rip off?

    There are quite a few new things actually and yes I’m going to talk about all of them, if you don’t understand then you can watch the official video at the end of the post. I reckon you’d understand all the new features if you’ve been playing around with Google+. Most of the new features are simplified Privacy settings that remind you of the big G. However, there’s still a huge difference that’s clearly visible. People will actually use the new settings on Facebook, something they’ve been waiting for from some time now, or after Google+ came out.

    The official Facebook blog has explained the new features in a really beautiful way, but there’s a lot to read there so I’m going to keep things short. Just to not get your bored!! I will be listing all the new features one after another:

    Inline Profile Controls: When you want to edit your privacy controls for your profile, you usually have to head over to Privacy and select the appropriate option. Now, each and every aspect of your profile has the button right next to it, making it easier to select what to share with who.

    Inline profile controls Facebooks New Privacy Settings: A Google+ Rip off?

    Profile Tag Review: You now get to Approve or Disapprove anything, such as photos, posts or videos where you have been tagged. Simple feature, but pretty useful. Instead of getting a notification about You being tagged in someone’s photo or post, now you get to select whether to approve it or not beforehand.

    Profile Tag Review Facebooks New Privacy Settings: A Google+ Rip off?

    Content Tag Review:  Just as Profile Tag Review, you can now approve or disapprove if anyone has tagged you in your own photos or posts.  Remember, if you can see someone’s photos you can also tag people? Now, you have the authority to make that choice.

    Content Tag Review Facebooks New Privacy Settings: A Google+ Rip off?

    View Profile As: You can now see how your profile looks to others and thus make necessary privacy changes. All this can now be done by clicking a button next to the Edit Profile button called ‘View Profile As’.

    View Profile As Facebooks New Privacy Settings: A Google+ Rip off?

    Inline Sharing Controls: New options will appear whenever you wish to share something on Facebook. When you want to post something new, for example a new status, you can Tag your friends or even non-friends and Add your location and select who you want to share it with. This is something from Google+.

    Inline Sharing Controls Facebooks New Privacy Settings: A Google+ Rip off?

    As time goes, you’ll also be presented with the option to share with certain groups only. That’s all the important changes to Facebook’s privacy settings and sharing options. You can watch the official videos explaining how-to use them after the break.

    These new settings and features will be rolling out soon, and when they do, you’ll be notified about it. What do you feel about these new privacy settings? Do you think it’ll effect Google+ in any way, now that some of it’s features have been perfected on Facebook.

    [ Source: Facebook Blog ]

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    Harleena Singh

    Hi Siddi,

    That sure is news to me! Though most of these features were already present on Facebook, I think they have made them better or enhanced them – so that they are more noticeable now.

    I guess, they are realizing how Google+ is picking up and taking hints from that as well- if they have to remain in competition.

    Thanks for sharing!



    google+ has really made facebook to stand on toes. Good going Google. Lets see what facebook does in reply.


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