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    Facebook Woes: How-to Get the Old Chat Back

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    Few weeks back we told you about the introduction of some new features on Facebook, some of which people like and some everyone disliked. The video chat feature was greatly liked by everyone who used it, but even now many people haven’t had the chance to try it out. Believe me, it has bugs and eats a lot of CPU since it’s powered by Skype. But, we also know that Facebook will make it better as time passes by.

    Another new thing that Facebook introduced was the new chat bar, which apparently, wasn’t liked by almost all the users. I personally do not like it, but since I don’t use chat much, it doesn’t bother me much. To others however, it’s like they’re almost beginning to hate Facebook.

    So, if you’re looking for ways to get your old Facebook chat back, then follow the little tutorial below to get that smile back on your face.

    How-to get back the Old Facebook Chat

    To make this work, you’ll need to have Greasemonkey installed on your browser. Currently this works only on Chrome and Firefox, and since Chrome supports greasemonkey scripts you won’t have to install anything.

    Download Greasemonkey for Mozilla Firefox over here. Install it. This is only for Firefox, if you’re on Chrome then start with the second step.

    facebook old chat firefox thumb Facebook Woes: How to Get the Old Chat Back

    Now you need to download a userscript known as Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion on both Chrome and Firefox. Get it over here.

    facebook old chat bar thumb Facebook Woes: How to Get the Old Chat Back

    install facebook old chat thumb Facebook Woes: How to Get the Old Chat Back

    That’s it. Head over to your Facebook profile and behold!! The old Facebook chat is back, just the way you always wanted it to be.Checkout the screenshot below.

    facebook old chat fullscreen 550x347 Facebook Woes: How to Get the Old Chat Back

    Do you like the new Chat sidebar or do you prefer to use the old? 

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    Sudeep Acharya

    Awesome post…

    Facebook old chat system is good.


    [email protected]

    nice post. Old chat was really better than a new one. Yes, skype has some possible performance issues in the new facebook chat.



    finally a trick to get back to the old facebook chat. thanks man , the new one is a pain.


    Akash Jain

    But, How do i get all off my online friends in that ?

    This method, only shows up few online people. It doesnt show up all the 50-60 online people (with scroll bar)



    It shows everyone for me!! It also shows the scroll bar, look properly in the screenshot ;)



    Hey, Ya, it shows the number of persons online now. Its like Chat (46)

    When i click on that, it doesnt open the list of online persons.

    Do i need to do some setting ?


    Prabal @ Droolable

    Thanks a lot for the awesome post. Really helpful after using terrible new FB Chat.



    I really hate the new chat of facebook. even though i dont chat frequently. At least my friends are very happy about this. :D


    Clinton DSouza

    Thanks a lot!! :)



    Does this actually work?



    Of course it does!! :)



    Here is a Chrome extension that disables the current Facebook chat and returns to the old one! https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nokfbncddkbafjcjibflbldfkcaapelg
    Hope that helps!



    how do i get the new one back??
    cause its glitching for me now


    Jasmeet Singh

    I think the new chat sidebar is more effective than the previous one as new one provides dynamically updated list of friend on the sidebar with whom you had interacted the most frequently and provides faster messaging to offline friends. and moreover these extensions/scripts have an access to your “Facebook Data” , so its not safe to use it.


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