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Facebook Or Orkut? Vote Your Favorite Social Networking Site

Facebook Or Orkut? Vote Your Favorite Social Networking Site

Orkut and Facebook are no doubt the biggest social networking sites. Both of them are trying to become the best, but now many people can’t decide between Facebook or Orkut and which social networking site to opt for. So, I am sharing few information and features about both social networking sites.

fb vs orkut

Facebook or Orkut: Feature comparison


Facebook was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. As of now, Facebook is the biggest social networking website of the world with more than 800 million active users. There are many features because of which you should use FB. Initially Orkut was quite popular in India, but later on Facebook in India went viral and people started migrating to Facebook. Later on Facebook India office was inaugurated in Hyderabad and now in Dec 2011, Facebook is the largest social networking site.

Let me tell you some of the features because of which I love about Facebook are:

  1. Wall – If you are an orkut user, you can take Wall as the scraps for Facebook where people can posts messages etc. The wall can be seen by your friends and they can see the messages posted there.
  2. Poke – The poke feature is just for passing time. Getting bored and then you open somebody’s profile. Nothing interesting in it. You want to post something but don’t know what to…simply poke him/her.
  3. Chat – The chat feature is just awesome. At the bottom right you will see “Chat (No. of your friends online)” and you just need to click on it and you will see all the friends that are online. Click on any online friend and chat with her/him. It is just too easy. In 2011, Facebook and Skype in a joint venture, launched Facebook video chat for browsers.
  4. Status Updates –  Facebook status update is like telling people what are you up to. More over, your friends can like, comment and share your update again. You can control the privacy of individual status updates. Read: 10 ways to create stand out Facebook status updates.
  5. This feature is just too good. You can update your status messages with your feelings, what are you doing now…etc. It is fun.
  6. Applications – There are many apps on Facebook and the best thing is that there is no limit of adding them. There are also many games from Zynga such as Mafia Wars, Farmville, etc. which helps Facebook in getting more users.

Before moving to orkut, let me give you the image of the home page of Facebook in 2004 and how it has grown with the 2010 homepage.
In 2004 the homepage was like this:-
facebook old

In 2010, see the growth of Facebook. The 2010 Facebook homepage:-

fb 2010 520x277

Now, lets move to Orkut.


orkut logo

Orkut was also launched in 2004. It was started by Orkut Büyükkökten and was later purchased by Google resulting in more publicity of Orkut and more members, though it is not much famous in United States it has many fans and members from India and Brazil. For the first year, United states had more than 50% traffic on Orkut but later on Brazil adopted that traffic. On 28 November 2009, Orkut was redesigned and many people loved it but on the other hand many people said that it was a copy of Facebook and Twitter. I also say that it is a slight copy of Facebook but still many people are using Orkut.

There are some of the orkut features which are just too good:-

  1. We can chat with our online buddies by clicking the online friends at the bottom right of our screen(bottom left in old Orkut).
  2. We can do video chat by Orkut, which is not on Facebook. <Facebook video chat is available now>
  3. Scrapbook – The scrapbook is used for chatting, we can send our friends messages known as scraps which gets stored in the scrapbook.
  4. You can see other people’s profile without even adding them as friends.
  5. Applications – It contains many great applications such as Slapster, Crapster, Buddy Toss, etc. but the bad thing is that it has a limit of adding apps. We can add only 25 apps at one time…for adding more we have delete the old apps.
I couldn’t arrange old design of Orkut, for now based on above points lets conclude our discussion on Facebook or orkut:


Orkut was better than Facebook earlier but as the time passed Facebook overtook Orkut and Fb is now biggest social networking site. According to me Facebook is better in privacy of a user as it has so many options for privacy. More over, in last 1 and half year, Orkut is almost dead and Google launched a new social networking site call Google+. So  if you are still deciding between Facebook or Orkut, you should jump directly to and enjoy social networking site which is powered by 800+ million users.

My first preference is Facebook, How about you? Do let us know which social networking website do you like the most? Facebook or Orkut? If you are a Facebook Fan, don’t forget to like and share this post.

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{ 33 comments… add one }

  • techsmash

    Its facebook. big fan of facebook and the facebook applications….orkut is really crap nowadays!!!

  • rakesh

    my vote is for fb..firstly i used orkut nd i liked when i got into fb i jst forget orkut….fb is much better then orkut..

  • Deepali Singh

    I use both Orkut and Faceboook. But I think FB is Good so I will vote for facebook .

  • lancellote

    I use both orkut and facebook but I prefer the facebook.
    I think facebook is better.

  • Tanu

    I use both Orkut & Facebook, but Orkut is MY FAVOURITE SITE, I use Facebook but I HATE FACEBOOK

  • himadri dimri

    I do not care it is FB or Orkut the bottom line is these social networking sites are ruining people’s privacy :( the moment anything is updated the whole world come’s to know about it . well there are security measures and all but still.. anyways i would vote for FB here and want Orkut developers to please improve it.

  • BloggingWire

    Bottom line is kids are not allowed in these social networks :P . Btw , I use both and Orkut still have some places to visit(like some hyer active communities) ,you don’t have the community feeling in FB . FB is more sort sharing our updates and thats it.

  • aatif

    Yes i agree orkut was better now facebook is best . I love using twitter now . I will vote for facebook .

  • Tom Wilkinson

    Great job Vinayak!

    I believe your conclusions are correct.
    The “proof is in the pudding” as they say.

    All traffic stats show Facebook is the clear choice!

  • Sahil Malhan

    I agree with the above mentioned “facts” but couldn’t find a satisfying comparison between the two over here. You can’t measure the level of anyone’s growth by comparing their “face” now and in future/past!
    Secondly, copying interface isn’t the issue here, its how much someone is happy with the existing services. Those on orkut are happy with what they are offered over there, but they have “major” issues with it and the case is no different with facebook where every third day you see some privacy lapses coming up.
    Agree with binoy that google is least bothered about orkut, its no less than the neglected child.
    I put my money on “google me” if its there, anywhere around. And I won’t mind even if Google tries to bring some existing services to it, in their own way, that are not developed by them in first hand.
    As Steve Jobs said,”Good artists copy great artists steal”. ;-)

    Have your say, I’d love to hear something as a reply.

    • vinayaknagri

      I hope Google is actually creating “Google ME” because It could be the end of facebook’s destruction which is around the web.

      • Sahil Malhan

        I was talking about your comparison. Facebook in no way is destructing the web, its just a phenomena and everyone’s following!

  • sureshpeters

    soon some other site ll take up facebook also…but,,facebook got hit..its all by apps and games..:)

  • Rakesh

    Facebook is the best social networking website for bloggers as well because it has so many applications. :D

  • Rahul

    Facebook is clear winner. Once it had more traffic then too. Alexa rank of facebook is 2 but for orkut is 65. Also, facebook is heavly used by internet marketers, online games, blogging etc.

    • vinayaknagri

      Yeah… but sometimes I fell so much surprised that *how time changes*. Where was orkut 3 years ago and where it is now :P

  • Kunal

    There was a time when I used to open only Orkut but now am a FB fan. The present look of Orkut is somewhat copy of FB. But I’ll consider it’s Orkut which brought the social networking trend in India before FB and hi5 which is another great social networking site.

  • deepak sharma

    i think the comparison of two doesn’t make sense…. :) as facebook ruined orkut …..
    bt we r looking for a new social networking site which can overtake facebook…………………

    • vinayaknagri

      It is rumored that Google is creating a new social networking site “Google ME”. I hope the rumor is correct.

  • Dheeraj

    my vote goes to ORKUT.. It needs some improvement and it will come in top again. just wait and watch.

    • vinayaknagri

      *Shocked* But… Nothing Is Impossible, Orkut can topple facebook just like facebook toppled Orkut. It actually needs some improvements.
      Heads up Google.

  • Puneet

    Facebook should be called Fetchbook as it is fetching orkut users :D

  • Poonam

    My vote is for FB but still there are some features on orkut like video chatting which is not available on FB. Mostly teenagers use orkut but FB is widely used by everyone, either they are a business man or a teenager.

    • vinayaknagri

      Well, yes but I think that FB will be introducing the Video Chat feature very soon.

  • Bhaveek

    Google can never knock out Facebook. My votes for facebook.

    • vinayaknagri

      If you are talking about Orkut then you are right but Google has the strength to topple fb by creating a new social networking site(rumors say that they are creating one named “Google ME”) so Google CAN topple FB

  • Peter J

    Facebook for the win, :D I think its easy when it comes to marketing to get someone to hit a like button than orkut’s methods. (never used it :P)
    Facebook also has a lot more users, especially one’s i know so i think Facebook has to be a favorite.

  • Brij

    Facebook vs Orkut is similar to Wordpress vs Blogger.
    No need to say anything else.

    • Murugappan

      Very True.
      I used orkut like hell but once i got into facebook i hardly login to my orkut account. Facebook rules! \m/

  • Binoy xavier

    Facebook rules. Google is least bothered about Orkut and maintains that sloppy interface.

    • Don

      I’ve never checked out Orkut but if you use Facebook and say Orkut has a sloppy interface then yikes! Not that Facebook has really a sloppy interface but with the features they continue to add (a good thing) I believe they are having a problem keeping their interface clean. Don.

  • Johny

    i have never used orkut… (tried.. but the site was not loading,, it was a slow connection, in fact, very slow… lol)

    But as a part of twitter and FB i would vote for FB…

    • Kamal Hasa

      I use both Orkut and Faceboook. But I like FB more ;)


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