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    Facebook Video Chat To be Launched Next Week

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    Not a day passes without the geniuses at Facebook thinking about how to dominate the world. To be frank, a video chat service was the only thing that has been missing on Facebook and perhaps a little less messier design. According to sources, Facebook will be launching a, much awaited, facebook video chat service that will be backed by Skype next week.

    facebook skype Facebook Video Chat To be Launched Next Week

    You must be wondering, Why now? Why not a long time ago? Well, I think this has something to do or a lot to do with Google launching it’s video chat service on it’s social network Google+. Facebook must’ve gotten a shock of their lifetime when their employees received Google+ invitations and read about the features of it and the much interesting Hangouts group video chat.

    The Facebook-Skype rumor has been around from a long time, but recently solid evidence has arisen that suggest that Facebook will be launching it coming week. Skype’s deep Facebook integration also made people skeptical about a rather mature relationship between them with deep roots. The video chat service provider, Skype, had also integrated Facebook contacts and chat into their desktop client some while ago, courtesy of a leaked video, which was later confirmed by Skype to be real.

    Imagine Facebook video chat, now this is something that is going to revolutionize social networking all over again. I know Google added it to their social network first, but we all know that Google+ will take at least take 10 years, if not never to be as big as Facebook. So you must realize how big a launch this is going to be, Facebook video chat, and how people are going to respond to this. And, as it happens, this is pretty much the right time to be launching said service, now that somebody has already done it and it did gain a lot of recognition.

    facebook skype video chat Facebook Video Chat To be Launched Next Week<Image Credit>

    We have no other information on this, such as, how this service is going to work, will it involve a desktop client or will it happen from the website itself, will there be group video chatting and more. Even Facebook and Skype refused to comment on this! But, Mashable seems to have got edible information that there will be a Facebook-Skype Video chat launch next week. All I can say is, wait and watch.

    What do you think of this? Would you rather wait for Google+ to take stream of would you go in for the Facebook-Skype video chat? I think I know what the answer to the latter is. What do you check first, Facebook or Google+?

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    { 19 comments… read them below or add one }


    wow…i cant wait for this new feature on fb..
    i like the google+ but i think all my friends on fb will not move to this new google project..so i might stay on fb :D


    Rahul Ghosh

    I wrote a post on this topic as well. To add to this i also wanna share an info with you Guys. Now u all can create Circles in Facebook as well just like Google Circles. No wonder Facebook has been stealing other’s idea since 2003 . See this website http://www.circlehack.com/



    Oh Wow! That’s a killer post buddy! And that image is awesome!!



    Facebook already announced that they are coming with big feature i think they are launching these video chat feature in next week. :)



    Its seems Google Plus have scared facebook enough. lolz



    Ha Ha i agree irfan…


    Saurabh Mukhekar

    currently i prefer to visit Facebook 1stly then G+,according to me G+ is new born baby,it will take a time to be mature like father fb.but its all in users hand.



    yes, It revolutionize social networking also skype has lots of database of users already ,It will give boost to facebook as well..Thanks for the post..


    Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    Cool! My friends were impressed with Google hangout when i had it with them. If it’s on Facebook, there’s not much excuse to move


    Rahul Ghosh

    @everyone this image is a mockup. The actual service is still a surprise but might be very close to the image in the post.



    The actual service is live and yes it’s quite different!! :)


    Ajay singh bisht

    whatever steps facebook takes,google+ is surely going to win the race with its clean and elegant user interface…and also there are reports about people quitting facebook…



    it is a good news for facebook user .. i m a waiting for this service



    Very Nice post.
    @post: Video chat is also enabled for mobile devices?



    Not at the moment!!


    Amandeep Singh

    This is gonna be a great feature for the fb fans.. and would definitely increase the average page time for fb ;)


    Maninder @HackTik.com

    This is indeed going to be a good move by Facebook. Also, it was much required at this stage to be in competition with Google+ .



    Excellent move as Google Plus already had this video chat Facebook despirately needed it..


    Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    I am sure this feature is the most awaited in the popular social networking media, Facebook. That feature will definitely enhance the connection of people.


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