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    Facebook Testing New Feature: Ticker

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    Have you recently logged in to your Facebook account and noticed something new on the right hand side of your page. If you haven’t, then you might pretty soon. Mark Zuckerberg is always testing new features without even letting the public know about it. It’s not like they secretly test it either, as the things are almost every time done live. It was only recently that they announced about the new Privacy and Sharing features that’ll go live soon. This new feature called Ticker that I recently noticed was being tested since a week now. It’s being rolled out gradually or it could even be announced at the f8 developer conference later this year.

    Ticker displays a live feed of all your friends activities on the sidebar in a box that can be adjusted for size and also for privacy. The idea is pretty nice and it works pretty well too. It’s kept really minimal and is very instant for a live feed. It’s not available for all, but I did get to experience and really enjoyed it. But, it was gone almost right after and now I’m left without the amazing Ticker feature. It’s similar to Twitter’s live feed being updated the moment your friend likes a photo, comments, befriends someone, clicks on a link, shares stuff or anything for that matter.

    Facebook ticker 550x412 Facebook Testing New Feature: Ticker

    If you don’t like it then you can also change your Privacy settings and hide yourself. Although this new Ticker thing is really awesome, it also makes you feel like you’re spying on all your friends, at the same time. However, if you tune your Privacy settings, it tends not to be so. This is not the only thing that’s new on Facebook. Another cool thing about Ticker is that you can directly comment or like a friends activity by just hovering over the update. Nice ain’t it?

    In a blog post last night, Facebook also said that they’ll be rolling out a new and improved photo gallery. The new gallery will have a translucent background and no more black. Also, the maximize display width of images will be increased to 960 from 760 and make it easier to share and view photos, somehow make the whole experience faster too.

    facebook new photo gallery 550x423 Facebook Testing New Feature: Ticker

    Those there are the new features that you’ll soon see on your Facebook home page. Don’t be sad if you don’t see it right away, the worlds a huge place and some things take time. Facebook may officially launch this Ticker feature and make it available to all on the f8 Developer conference.

     Have you seen any of these new features lately, while spending time on Facebook. Do let us know your opinions about the new Ticker and Photo Gallery.

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    thats a really nice feature for all of us… n this new of pix is really amazing…



    Great ! i found pugion for Chrome and script too so as to block them.Bye bye ticker!



    Wow, nice article about ticker.. I’ve not yet got this feature.. Hope will get soon!.



    Personally I don’t like the Ticker feature. I find it irritating.


    Pranay Patel

    Yes,It was just for test. FB will surely implement it in future.



    ticker is cool but the new photo viewer is not that good. Should decrease transparency


    Sahil Kotak

    I haven’t seen any of the features aware. Maybe they would come online soon.


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