How To Use Facebook Profile Subscribe Feature For Marketing?

In last couple of months, we have seen lots of improvements and features added to Facebook. Facebook subscribe button is the latest in additions. Needless to say, it’s an attempt from Facebook to cut down the migrating social media junkies to Google+. Moreover, with Google+ emerging as the sole competitor to Facebook, new set of features and improvement become a requisite of the time. Looking at some of new features like Subscribe buttons for feeds, Facebook ticker feature, New Fb privacy settings and many more, Facebook is integrating some of the popular Google+ features. In coming days, according to some screenshots, we will have status sharing count feature that is again a Rip-off of Google+ feature. From an End user perspective, this will give me ample amount of reasons to stay tuned to Facebook, as I will be getting all the major Google+ features inside Facebook.

When Facebook launched new privacy settings where you can set your privacy settings to public and this more visibility for your profile, we thought of this as just another enhancement, but with the launch of Facebook subscribe button for profile, Facebook has made it clear they are aiming for more. Today Facebook converted all Mark Zuckerberg Fan page subscribers into Profile subscriber according to mashable, and this clearly shows the intention behind the roll-out of Facebook subscribe button.

facebook subscribe button

What does Facebook Subscribe button meant for a Blogger:

First thing: Facebook subscribe button is a new Facebook feature that will let you subscribe to other people public status updates without being a friend. I have repeatedly mentioned in my old posts, Facebook is one of the best free marketing tool you have and you can use it for many purpose like, connecting to other people, your readers and drive traffic and for branding. Though Facebook profile is limited to 5000 friends and thus we need to have a personal fan page so that more than 5000 fans can connect to your profile. Personally, I have two ways by which people can connect to me on Facebook.

Though the problem comes when I have to manage more resources and keep them updated. Which become a tough task for me to maintain more pages and profile. Before, I will add more info into this topic, here is an image showing the difference between profile subscriber and personal Fan page:

Facebook-profile-subscribe-vs-Fan page

This picture clearly represents that a Fan page is always good for branding, and we can’t ignore the importance of personal branding Fan page. Though from an end-user point of view, I would prefer to connect to someone on Facebook personal profile than on Fan page.

New subscribe button, will let your followers control what updated they see from your profile and most important, profiles who have enabled this feature, you can subscribe to their public updates. Depending upon the settings, you can also comment on those public updates.

How to get Facebook subscribe button for your profile:

By default this feature is not enabled for your Facebook profile, and you need to go to this link and enable the feature for your profile.

Enable-Facebook-Subscribe-feature You can set settings to allow comments from your subscribers and get notification when any new subscribers subscribe to your updates.

What updates your subscriber will see?

Now the most important question that might have come into your mind while reading the post is, what kind of updated your subscriber will see. The first thing that you should know, your subscribers will see only those updates that are marked as public. Moreover as shown in the first screenshot, you control what updates you would like to see. Is it going to be all updates, Most updates or only important updates? This is to ensure that your subscriber won’t ne spammed with unlimited updates from your profile.

How to set your Facebook default privacy to public:


Now if you have decided that you will be kicking out your personal Fan page or will be using your Facebook profile as a way point for your readers and people to subscribe, it’s time to set your privacy. You have the option to set all your updates as public, or you can also set it as limited and manually set the privacy to public for individual updates. Since I take care of what updates goes to my Facebook profile, I set my privacy settings as public, and you can do the same by going to the privacy settings page.

What next:

Now if you are clear about how and what impact this Facebook subscribe button is going to bring for you, it’s time for you to enable it. Most important, if you push all blog posts to your Facebook profile, you should stop doing it and manually update your status with only important and useful blog posts with a personal statement or questions. This will have higher CTR and most important this will help you to set your profile as a credible profile. I also suggest you to download this official Pdf guide from Facebook, which will give you more insight on Facebook Subscribe buttons. Also, in coming days, Facebook will be rolling out an update that will let you update your Twitter account from Facebook. Though only your public status updates will be published on Twitter.

Though unlike Google+ profile status update that easily gets indexed into Google search, Facebook public status update will not have that advantage. But Facebook has way more users than Google+, and you can use this as your advantage. Though one thing you should be sure of is, Facebook list feature that is going to be very handy if you use the public status feature.

I would love to know your opinion on new Facebook subscribe button feature and if you are planning to use your profile to outreach to millions of Facebook users by setting your privacy as public and enabling Facebook subscribe feature?

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  1. Sajid Saleem Sajid says

    Awesome feature, I think it helps a lot bloggers especially, because it works like twitter. Thanks Facebook Team.

  2. Dennies John says

    Finally Facebook is all set for the competition with Google + !!
    I think Google gonna make some unique updates to counter fb.
    Btw is this subscription can do anything with the blog traffic if we have low subscribers?

  3. Kavya Hari says

    In fact, face book is one of the free web marketing tool and it has to increase high traffic to our site. Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here :)

    • says

      That’s great Santel and now wait and watch your subscriber grow. Make sure you start publishing useful and interesting updates on your Facebook status as public. This will be helpful to grow your subscribers :)

  4. Harleena Singh says

    Awesome tutorial Harsh!

    I never knew about the subscribe button, nor how to get it till I read this post. However, such a button is actually more in need on a fan page than on your personal profile page. How does one get such a button on a fan page, or is that not allowed?

    Thanks for sharing such great tips :)

    • says

      Harleen for now it’s not possible to have that button on Fan page, though prediction is that we will have an option in future which will migrate our fan page users as subscribers. Though might take some time but I guess it’s in the menu. Glad this post helped you to understand Fb subscribe button better :)