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    Facebook Spam: I Have Hacked Facebook Account

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    Here is a quick post for Facebook user. There is a spam which is spreading on Facebook. This spam will tag your friends, so you will see it going more viral and the landing page which is a facebook fan page, asks you to run a script to Hack your facebook friend profile. This is a spam and you should better stay away from this. This spam message says:

    I have hacked: Friend name, friends Name Accounts.
    it’s so easy!
    Check it out – http://on.fb.me/lsrfEXI?92098

    This spam is going viral and here is a screenshot of this “I have hacked Facebook” Message:

    iHaveHackedFacebook thumb Facebook Spam: I Have Hacked Facebook Account

    So when you click on the link, you will land on a Fan page name Profilehacker, which will ask you to run a code on your account to hack your friend’s Facebook account.

    Since you reading this, it’s needless to say it’s a spam and no Facebook hacking method. Here is a screenshot of that spam Landing page:

    facebookprofilehacker thumb Facebook Spam: I Have Hacked Facebook Account


    If you spot this message, on your wall or friends wall, do notify them and ask them to delete it. Also if you land on above page (profile Hacker), report page as spam.

    Don’t forget to share this on Facebook, so that your friends and family will be aware of Latest Facebook hack and spam.

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    kbharath @ Techntricksonline

    Thanks for sharing this Flash News Harsh.



    Is”nt it makes so easy to hack facebook accounts, and an app. running on fb lets you decrypt fb, looks funny



    Harsh, highlight this sentence,
    “This spam is going viral and here is a screenshot of this “I have hacked Facebook”
    I thought this was a true hacking fb accounts :P



    Thanks Harsh for your warning post, i will take care for this.



    this is a new spam. Recently a profile page visit stats app was doing the rounds on facebook.


    Shaswat Patel

    Well now a days we find this kind of spam on Facebook regularly! We had same issue on Orkut and now same thing is going on Facebook Too!


    Namit Gupta

    Nowadays these spams are rapidly spreading on Facebook. Hope Facebook team would take some serious action against it. Thanks for the info Harsh. :-)



    Now a days peoples are interesting in spamming other Facebook profiles…if we careful then no problem at all :)



    Even i received many such posting at my wall and even as chat messages, this is a very unfair means of promoting a application and should be banned asap


    Harry Sehgal

    Yes Its a Spam….I haven’t Experienced it yet, but will surely be carefull on this…..



    This is similar to facebook profile views spam.



    Thanks for sharing this….



    Thanks for this useful spam alert, now a days spamming via facebook application is increasing, by clicking “like” on that application peoples are becoming a victim of this….. Everybody should beware of this.



    I have seen this spam in my Friend’s Facebook account !


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