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    Facebook Check In: Share Your Current Location With Friends

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    Facebook Places is a part of Facebook’s vast empire of social networking tools that lets you share with your friends and others your current location. When you check-in to a hotel or a restaurant or anyplace, you can update your status with Facebook Places and it posts a status sharing your current location and where you’ve checked-in.

    Facebook Places Facebook Check In: Share Your Current Location With Friends

    Earlier today when I logged on to Facebook through my phone, I noticed something new on the top of the Facebook for iPhone page. Usually when you login, it directly shows you the Live Feed and below that the usual Photo and Status tabs, but today I noticed a new tab titled as ‘Check In’. Now you’ll must be knowing what that means, the ‘Check In’ option, yeah.. Facebook Places is now a Go-Go in India.I’m not sure if the service officially started working today, but some of my friends have stated that it went live yesterday. Although Facebook employees in India were able to use this feature since a long time, it seems like everybody else can do the same now.

    Facebook Places Check In 300x83 Facebook Check In: Share Your Current Location With Friends

    I haven’t been able to locate the Places option on the Facebook web-page, but it works well on the iPhone and Android running Xperia X1. With the help of Facebook Places, you can also tag your friends when you check-in to a place, all you have to do is hit the check-in button and Facebook will do the rest. Of course, you’ll also need to have GPS and Internet connectivity to complete the process of updating your location.

    Facebook Places 1 366x550 Facebook Check In: Share Your Current Location With Friends

    Facebook Places 2 366x550 Facebook Check In: Share Your Current Location With Friends

    It’s not just in India though, Facebook Places has gone live in many other parts of the world too. Countries like Brazil, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Egypt, Israel and many more have been included in the Places list. According to InsideFacebook, the update has gone live almost all over the world excluding Korea, Russia and some other minor countries. A Facebook official confirmed by stating;

    We are confirming that Places has become globally available with the exception of Korea and Russia where we are working to launch Places soon.

    I’m going to enjoy using Facebook Places on my phones, letting people know where I am to avoid any misfortunes with family and friends, also I’ve watched 127 Hours and I have learnt a valuable lesson.. “When you’re going somewhere far, make sure you tell someone.”

    Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of connecting the world just keeps becoming a reality, don’t you think. With Facebook Places, it’ll be even easier to connect with your friends or stalk your ex. Also let us know if you prefer Foursquare for check-in or you going to be a fan of Facebook places service?

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    great facebook. i was waiting for this to come to India. Cooll


    Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging

    Finally it has arrived :) FB Should give more priority to Indian users when they realize a new feature the next time around.


    Amandeep Singh

    This is a great news for the Indian FB users… :)


    Shailu @ New Trends

    Hi Siddie,

    You’re right this option is not available on webpage, I think it’s soon going to start there as well. But this option may create some security and privacy issues.



    I was waiting for this a long time :)
    working cool on my Android, well, its bad time for Foursquare anyways !



    Guess its right now available for smartphones only ! Hope it will be available for mobile phone users as well !



    i hope they introduce the same for nokia users also :-)



    Thanks for sharing this great news mate.



    This is the great feature which facebook mobile users can make use of. Facebook Rocks.


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    Never used foursquare to check in. But I have used Facebook places now. I have heard a lot good about them, but it was really exciting for me to check in from my place. Thanks for sharing the news


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