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Fb fan page pop-upFrom last few months, I have worked hard on increasing engagement on ShoutMeLoud Facebook fan page and working on promoting my page to get more likes and users. I have tried Facebook advertising (Highly recommended) and few tips which I applied on my blog, which helped me to supercharge my fan count on Fb fan page. (We crossed 15K fans milestone).

Here I’m talking about one such WordPress plugin, which I have used for a while and it’s working out great for SML Fan page.

FB page promoter WordPress plugin is a free and very useful plugin for any WordPress blog which will make sure your one time user will turn into Fans. This is a plugin which display a Fan box pop-up when a user visit your Web page. The plugin comes with minimal settings and all you need to do is download and install this free plugin from WordPress repo and add your Fan page ID. Here is a quick guide which will help you to configure this plugin.

How to set up Facebook Pop up Lightbox plugin:

Download and Install this plugin from official page here. You can find this plugin settings in a separate tab in your dashboard under Arevico Settings > Facebook light box.

Facebook lightbox popup plugin

Go to settings page and all you need is your Fan page numeric ID, that you can easily retrieve by following this guide:

Follow this link: https://graph.facebook.com/shoutmeloud and replace ShoutMeLoud with your fan page name. At the top, you will get an ID and that’s your Facebook fan page numeric ID.

Facebook fan page numeric ID
Just copy the ID in plugin settings page and configure other options like (Pages, homepage,archives) where you want Fan page popup to be shown and after how many days you want to show pop-up again.

I’m using this plugin from last 2 month and I have seen a great increase in number of likes on my fan page. Though there are some downside of this plugin, as this pop-up is little irritating when reader is viewing your site on a mobile phone. I tested it on my iPad and it works fine and you can easily close the pop-up, but when using your site on small mobile screen, this plugin could be very irritating. Though, over all this plugin works great and you can easily expect good number of increase in fans by using Facebook page promoter plugin.

You can configure this plugin to show pop-up only on Homepage to make it less irritating and you can also set the “Show every x days” to higher number like 30, to show pop-up box once in a month to a reader. Over all, I find this plugin very useful and especially you will be getting targeted likes, since user is liking your fan page from your blog.

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Have you tried any other such Facebook pop-up plugin which works great and doesn’t irritate users? Do let me know via comment.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 34 )

  1. says

    I checked different plugins. Mostly are premium. I am Okay! with premium. But there is one more plugin, named “Sumo Me”, it works great for me. I would recommend to try this also.


  2. Prafull says

    I am looking for a plugin that can show Twitter , facebook , Google Plus Follow Button as popup . I tried Social Popup Plugin to enable this to my blog but it is not working for me . I want a plugin that show all social site at once . Let me know any best plugin for me

  3. Bnimbhal says

    Hi Manidip,
    I have tried this plugin for my site but the popup was displaying only on the Post not on the Pages and Home page, plz suggest.

  4. Manidip says

    @Harsh I can see you are using a pop up notification system for email subscription. So I guess “Lightbox for Facebook” is also safe and can be used with Adsense. Actually, I am afraid to use a pop up plug in in my wordpress as it violates Google Adsense T&C.

  5. Farzana Neha says

    A good plugin which serves the purpose well. I am going to use this plugin on my website, I guess. Btw, do you know anymore alternative plugin which is similar to this and which has feature so that likebox won’t appear for those visitors who already liked the fanpage?

  6. Manish says

    Hi Harsh, If I use this plugin in wordpress website, will it not be against google adsense Pop Up terms and conditions???

  7. Naren Kumar says

    yes. This plugin is looking good and many hopes to getting more visitor. but only thing it may irritate users by showing in every page. another thing is it slows down the page loading eespecially in IE.

    if i give Show every x days: 1. then will it be getting more likes

  8. Richa Shrivastava says

    I also have tried it out, sometimes visitors like the page through this plugin, but many times they just ignore. How to make visitors convince to like your page. ???

  9. says

    Harsh Aggarwal, Does this plugin disables after liking it and if not liked it keeps on popup everytime ?. If this plugin doesn’t have this setting can you suggest me another one.

  10. Shailendra Singh Bais says

    I have used this Plugin today. I am getting an error message. This plugin is even good one for a slow loading blog. I am getting error message as Could not retrieve the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in. What might be the solution ?

  11. Rabin says

    Ok..thanks for the plugin info..I am now using it on my blog..Let’s see its magic whether it can bring few likes or not..Cheers!!

  12. Nizam says

    It’s really a good strategy to promote blog fan page and to increase fan page likes, but as likely it is also annoying to the visitors (especially if they are regular visitors). Thanks for this useful post though !

  13. says

    This plugin shows the awesome use of jquery light box.Although its a plus to have it 75% times mostly, some users might think it is annoying . Eespecially the every day readers.

    The cookie system should be replaced with something advanced which can identify the IP address of the reader and then show the box after the number of days set.

  14. Vineet Mehra says

    Thanks for the tip Harsh
    I am using it on my blog since morning and within 7 hours I got 5 new likes. Really Great!!

  15. Rohit says

    yes the plugin works well but its only problem the visiters get irritate, it is better if this plugin have an option to pop up the like box on eigther botton or at the side but should not be at the centre, the reguler visiter of our blog may like or skip but if any new vister may come to our blog they may leave of the page personal experiance plz correct me.. i am wrong on any point

  16. Arpith says

    The popup plugin always destructs User experience. However, it helps in promoting our brand by increasing the number of likes. But, as you mentioned, it irritates the user while browsing from mobile phones, that too while browsing from Java s4o mobiles.

  17. Ammar Ali says

    Do you think we should use this? :? Can you explain me? We will lose visitors if we use this!

  18. Hursh says

    I have tried this for 3 month. It helps good to increase your Likes. But it looks so irritating as it pop up in every page. Many user hates that.

    When someone will browse the site in mobile then this pop up creates a hell lot of disturbance, Though it will increase the likes but it might irritate our visitors.

    • says

      You can configure it to display it once every several days. Some tips on how to configure it to get the most out of it:
      – Determine average article length. Set the delay to the estimated article read length. When the user is finished reading or atleast gets to know the value of your content, they will be presenterd with the likebox. (6.000 -10000 ms delay is the minimum recommended).

      – Show it once every 7 days at a minimum.

      The premium version has also an option to hide the box on mobiles and to set a cookie for those who liked the page. It won’t be shown again to people with that cookie. We plan to incorperate a option to hide the lightbox by clicking on the overlay also.

    • Pankaj Sinha says

      Hi Abhishek,

      I agree with you. I just visited one website using this and even after clicking the like option , the pop-up kept coming on every click so I just felt my self irritating.It can’t record the likes.

      If you can go for premium then it might be different thing.

  19. Asif says

    Nice Plugin but there should be an option to turn it off on mobile devices. Would be using it on my blog if I am able to find a way to disable it on mobile phones.

  20. prabir says

    Hi Harsh
    You again come up with a great advice substantiate with a handy plugin. Though I never notice this FB popup in your website. Did you implemented it on the whole site or a few selected pages. Did you notice any increase in Bounce rate when you implement this Plugin ?

  21. Gautham Nekkanti says

    Great Tips Harsh, Modern SEO is mostly about Social Media engagement and a popular fb page will promote returning visitors