Facebook Page Admins Can Comment & Like with Personal Profile

Facebook is one of the best free marketing tool and it’s Facebook fan page which works the best to reach to 900+ million users. We have covered a lot of tutorial on Fb fan page and if you just started with Facebook marketing, here are some resources which will help you to understand Fb fan page better:

Facebook Voice : Comment/Like as User profile on Fan page:

Earlier, if you are an admin of a Fb page, you can’t like and comment using your own profile. If you comment, your Fan page ID will be used. Starting today, you can now comment with your personal Facebook profile. This is useful for personal branding and giving yourself more exposure. This new feature is termed as Facebook Voice.

Today, when I logged into Facebook fan page to update the new status here, at the top I saw this message saying :

You are posting, commenting and liking as ShoutMeLoud – Change to Harsh Agrawal

Facebook Voice
When I clicked on that link and liked my Fan page status update (Fan page I’m admin of), unlike older time, like was from my personal profile. This is one small update but still very useful for those who at times feel the need of commenting with real profile and earlier there was no solution to it apart from leaving admin ship.

Though for a brand, where there is not any real face, this feature might not be very useful, but again if you want to make your Fan page update reachable to more audience, this small feature is going to be useful. To see this feature, go to your Fan page and click on Voice at the top right, this will bring that notification bar as shown in image, & you can switch between your fan page and personal profile.

Also, when you have changed it to comment with personal profile, all the likes and comment which you will be doing on your feed wall (not directly on Fan page), it will be using your personal profile. To switch back, you need to go to your Fan page and use the same option as shown above to switch to Fan page profile.

What will happen when you like your Fan page status update:

The idea here is to increase the reach of your fan page update and if you know about Fb edgerank, this will help us to make our content reachable to more audience. Also, your friends and Facebook subscribers will see on Fb ticker and on updates, that you liked or commented on a page status update and this will help you to get more interaction on your page. But, for personal branding you need to be little wiser with your like love on your page status updates.

Here is one thing, which I suggest to every fan page Page admins : Enable Facebook Subscribe feature and use your personal profile to comment on your page status updates. This will help users to know the face behind the brand and people can subscribe to your personal profile. Something, which will help you a lot in personal branding and exposure.

If you are not aware of, you can also use your Facebook page as profile to comment on other liked pages status. This is one good technique to grow likes of your profile. To use this feature, Click on Edit page > Use Facebook as $Page name.

D0 let me know, if you see this update on your Fan page too or now? Also, don’t forget to join ShoutMeLoud Facebook community to meet and engage with other Bloggers and marketers. You can also subscribe to my Facebook profile here. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook.

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  1. Hamza Azam says

    Hi Harsh,
    It’s nothing more than Facebook’s way to inform the user how he’s being represented on the page, either as the user’s personal profile or as the page.