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I have never talked about Facebook algorithm in detailed before, and today we will be looking into how Facebook algorithm works, and why it matters to all the bloggers and small businesses. In old days (Years back), when a user used to like a Fan page, he is most likely to see that update on his Facebook news feed. And, if a user is not online or doesn’t login for couple of days, he is more likely to miss that updates. Majority of Facebook users think that the updates they see on their news feed is based on popularity and recency, but it’s not true.

Facebook uses their own algorithm to determine, which all updates you will see from your friends, pages you liked, and groups you joined. And Facebook algorithm is based on users likes, comments, share and viewing pattern. Lets look at the Facebook news bumping algorithm in detail.

Facebook News feed algorithm : News Bumping

Facebook new algorithm is more targeted to users, and at the same time it’s beneficial for Facebook marketers, to get more engagement from users; who are interested in your content. First let’s have a look on, how Facebook decide which content a user should be seeing: Here are official words from Facebook for business blog:

  • How often you interact with the friend, Page, or public figure (like an actor or journalist) who posted.
  • The number of likes, shares and comments a post receives from the world at large and from your friends in particular.
  • How much you have interacted with this type of post in the past.
  • Whether or not you and other people across Facebook are hiding or reporting a given post.

Using these signals and few other signals, Facebook prioritize which content a user should see. The goal is to make the news feed more interesting, and user should see more of those content which he wants to see. Earlier, one big problem with this algorithm is, people often miss out old content from their friends, or brands they might be interested in.

Facebook news bumping:

With new Facebook news bumping algorithm, Facebook will start showing content which you have not seen. Earlier, when a user login to Facebook, Facebook shows the new content after last logout time, and this way you end up missing few useful content. With news bumping, Facebook will show even older content ( Content which you might be interested in, but you have not seen), and you will not miss out on it.  In simple words “Facebook won’t necessarily be surfacing new content to the top of your News Feed, but content that is ‘new to you” .[TC]


facebook news bumping algorithm

Facebook already tested this new algorithm changes with a small set of users, and according to data; it improves overall user experience.

  • This change, increased the number of likes by 5%.
  • Number of read stories increased by 13%.

Few takeaways for Facebook marketers:

  • Don’t buy Facebook likes from 3rd party sites. If you need more likes on your pages, use Facebook advertising to get targeted and interested fans.
  • Make your content more interactive. By interactive means, ask your users to like, share or comment on your updates.
  • Use Post targeting : It’s a good idea to use post targeting (Country, gender, age) while sharing any stuff on your page. This way, non-targeted users will not mark your content as not interested.
  • Target for more shares than likes. Encourage your fans to reshare your content more. As, Facebook uses friends interaction with content as a signal to decide what to show on their friends newsfeed.
  • Use Hashtags to get more targeted Facebook users. Hint: Facebook trending topic.
  • Encourage users to use “Get notification” feature of pages, to see all the updates.
  • For important content, use promoted post feature to make it more reachable to your fans.

One thing which is great about Facebook algorithm is, they want users to see content they are interested in, and at the same time they want content from brands to reach to interested users. Instead of focusing more on quantity of content and number of likes on your Facebook pages, you should target more on the quality and engagement. A good idea for bloggers is to have a Facebook group too, for better branding and interaction.

Do let me know if you have noticed any difference on your Facebook news feed? How is your experience with new algorithm? Don’t forget to like and share this article on Facebook.

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  1. Ananya says

    hi Harsh
    News Bumping of Facebook really a nice utility.

    Recently just came to know an utility called RSS Graffiti by Facebook, which is a powerful service that can automatically publish content from other platforms to your profile, groups, and pages. What you would like to comment on this??

  2. Arup Ghosh says

    Once I had noticed a tab on my side bar saying previous year on this day you had posted “….”

  3. says

    Nice initiative by Facebook. Actually it will bore to go through all the comments that too mostly in Sponsored pages. Now having this alogirthm, it won’t time for others. It will just show news which are related to the interest of the people.

  4. Amal Rafeeq says

    Hey Harsh,
    I DID saw people talking about Facebook news bumping algorithm. But I was totally confused and didn’t know what it was. So that’s how it works.. This post really gave me something new.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. says

    I’m totaly agree with you that anyone should never buy likes from other website or person. I first time used facebook advertising first time .I’m getting ~150 likes just for $1 only.