Facebook: New Facebook Login Account Security Settings

Facebook has recently announced on their official blog site its new system designed to protect and secure users account from any sort of suspicious activity. They have tighten their account security system to the extent that log-ins using any non registered devices or computers by its user will be ask for account verification process. Users will be alerted and will be ask for some verification question such as date of birth or to identify a friend in a picture.

Just a while ago when I log-in to my account, I was prompted to enter my computer name. The system is now progressing and working.

Here’s how to activate the new account security system:

1. To activate the new account security settings, users may  first need to register their mobile numbers on their Facebook accounts if they haven’t done so before. Just simply go to Account Settings then click on Mobile tab. Then supply the correct mobile carrier.

2. Once you’ve able to add and verified your mobile numbers, you’ll then have to go  to Facebook Account Security then click on the link Change. Right there you’ll be able to set notification method through SMS text as seen on this illustration.

Just click the Submit button to save your changes. That’s it.

Any future suspicious log-ins will go through a series of verification steps before account will be restored. So for all the Facebook account login hackers out there, they would probably have a hard time accessing unauthorized log-in to any users account who’ve set the new security system.

Here’s what it looks like for account verification steps whenever there’s any suspicious log-ins occurs.

Facebook have worked so hard on this and so thanks to all the staffs.  I also suggest you to check out Facebook safety tips to keep your Facebook account safe.

Do let us know if this new Facebook security feature will give you a sing of relief. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. Marilyn Janet Chatham says

    Face Book will not except my email password that I have always had, so therefore I have not been able to access my FB account, what’s up with that????

  2. juliene :D says

    How can I disable this Log-in Security? I wasn’t able to log-in to my account through my mobile phone. It will just always redirect me to the log-in page with a text showing “You must log-in first”, even though I always add my mobile device as a recognized device when I am logging in through pc.

  3. Steve A says

    I accidentally associated my wife’s mobile number as my Facebook account recovery number and entered her confirmation code in with my facebook account.

    Can anyone advise me on how I can remove her number as my account recovery phone number and add mine please?

    Thank you,


  4. Maya says

    Same problem goes for me. I tried loggin in (and I’m on vacation in Florida so it doesn’t recognize my location). It asks me for my birthday, which I supply, and then it follows by telling me my birthday is inncorrect. So I tried variations, because maybe when I set up my birthday I accidently clicked a different year; it still didn’t change.

    So it switches to a different question; Who was you’re first kiss? And since I’ve never been kissed, I don’t know who the hell to put. I never put an answer to this question, I’ve tried all the possible variations (family members, crushes, celebrities) and nothing works. What do I do?

  5. Farhiyo Abdulsalam says

    I am having the same problem. It asked me this security question: “WHO WAS YOUR FIRST KISS” to verify my facebook account. But, I never chose that question in first place. I hate this roadblock. Please help me. I need to get my account back.

  6. WorldNewsTrend says


    Please write down here the exact question that’s being ask. It quite hard guessing what question you’re pertaining to. It’ll be a lot easier to help you out. Thank you

    • Tom says

      I’m having the same problem. Even though i put in the right birthdate, it told me it’s wrong. So it changed to a security question I’ve never answered before: Who was your first kiss?
      What do I do?

      • Hana Azad says

        Hi Tom,
        My friend is having the same problem as you, when she types in her correct birthdate, it says its wrong.
        Did you figure out a way into your account?

  7. Lisa Nguyen Lee says

    Hello, I had the bottom when where it asks you a question,
    but the thing is it asked me a question that I don’t have the answer to.
    It is a question that I am sure I never answered before how can I log into my facebook again?

  8. TechGyo says

    Yeah, But not in all regions. And for new Google accounts, everyone should verify the mobile phone to activate the account. maybe because India has more number of mobile phones than sanitary.