How to Create Facebook Group on New Facebook?

We just informed you about Facebook download information feature which let you keep a backup of your Facebook data and now it’s time for another great feature from Facebook which is known as group. Groups and Facebook fan pages are always a part of Facebook and people have been using this for long but this time group feature is completely revamped and let you create a forum, discussion group among selected people. In this post, I will give you a walk through of New Facebook group and will also give a tutorial on how you can create Facebook group for your organization, business or for community.


From an end user perspective the  idea is to share status updates, images, videos among certain people in your friend list and you can select those friends while creating a group. I will tell you how to create this new group below but before that lets talk about possibilities and features that we bloggers can use for marketing needs.

How many of you are a part of secret bloggers group and secret IM group for various activities like sharing ideas, discussions, tweet share and so on.  Using this new Facebook  group feature, you can create a secret group on Facebook which will give access to only invited people and no one else can see what’s going inside. So in short this Facebook group gives you the flexibility to run your own mini world inside Facebook.

Here is an official video explaining Facebook group:

Step by step tutorial to create Facebook group for your community:

Facebook group helps us to create community in Facebook & to Create a new Facebook group, Head over to group page and click on create Facebook group.

Now give a name to this group and select people whom you want to be a part of this group and you can start communicating instantly.

You have an option to set privacy level for the group, like you can keep it open, secret and so on.

Create Facebook Group

Facebook New Group Wall:

New group wall looks like a normal Facebook  wall. On the right hand side you see all the members of group, link to leave the group and have group chat with member of the group. When you click on chat group, you will be chatting with whole group.  So if you wish to have a group chat on Facebook, create a Facebook group and start chatting.


Group notification settings:

One feature which any one can misuse here is by inviting anyone to a group. You create a group and invited all your friends and your friend will get a notification. Spammers can take advantage of this feature to spam your profile. You have an option to leave the group in this case, but if you are a part of group and you like the conversation but don’t want to keep getting notification about the updates in that group, you can always click on edit notification link at top right and change settings :

group-notification Over all I like this idea of group thing as facebook is giving enough space for end user and people who are using Facebook for social media marketing.

Just in case if you move to any other page and trying to figure out way to your facebook group, click on group link on the left sidebar of your Facebook profile and you will see a list of group you are member of or created by you.

Do let us know what do you think about this Facebook group feature? How important and useful it’s going to be for everyone? Do you think any more practical use of this group feature for Internet marketer and blogger on Facebook?

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COMMENTs ( 20 )


    Facebook has been changed its message box style . anyway thanks for tips ! please share more secrets………

  2. Robin says

    I just love the way review done here :) expecting this new feature set in my old facebook groups soon. Cheers.

  3. DailyTechPost says

    Nice info…So far I believed from my own experience that FB is not a great help to bloggers like Digg, Stumble and Twitter are, but certainly this feature can really help bloggers a lot…thanks for sharing this…

  4. Roy Scribner says

    Wow, great minds… :) I wrote about using Groups for bloggers, too. I think it makes a lot more sense to use Facebook, where people already check-in throughout the day, than a bulletin board that people might only visit once a day, if that.

  5. nir says

    The problem is, that if you creates a group with your friends in it, they can add their friends to this group without your approval, so this is NOT a good thing and NOT a good feature !!!

  6. nir says

    Where do I see my group after creating it?
    I created a group and then I wanted to see it on the left side of my profile so I can enter to it at any time.

    but I couldn’t find it anywhere

    can anyone help?

  7. Fiona Bosticky says

    I think it’s a good idea for Facebook to makes groups completely different from “pages” that businesses are using. It’s great to for groups to be more interactive – with chats, and anyone being able to invite others to join.

    • says

      With this new features in Facebook, they actually created big gap between Facebook group and Facebook pages. I started a small group on Facebook today to try it’s new feature and it’s interesting but we have to make sure only like-minded people should be invited in such group!!
      Thanks Fiona for dropping by and for your comment.

  8. kbharath says

    Another Amazing feature for facebook, Facebook is really adding new features now a days. thanks for sharing.

    • says

      I agree with you Prabal. facebook chat feature is not up to the mark and I assume sometime in near future they might come up with some cool features like:
      Group chat
      Video chat
      facebook official chat client
      Lets hope for the best!

      • Shivani Rana says

        I agreed Prabal. Facebook chat feature is not upto the mark even privacy as well, we have no access to know that who is viewing our profile.
        But I like their list section (divide our news feeds)

        I don’t think so, many people know about list option in facebook.

  9. Shubham Dev says

    I saw this announcement on facebook page also. Now a days facebook is keeping in mind user(s) privacy and doing the things! :D
    Now we can create a new secret group in facebook. But what about the groups we created earlier? Can we change it’s privacy to secret?