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    Facebook New Email Messaging System: First look

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    We have already informed you about new Facebook Email system which was announced months back and finally today I have received my new Facebook Email invitation.

    Here I’m going to walk through on how I activated new facebook Email system and how you can get started once you get the invitation from Facebook team.

    How to get started with Facebook Email?

    People are getting invitation randomly and if you are lucky enough, you will see a box like this when you login to your Facebook account next time.

    newfacebookemail thumb Facebook New Email Messaging System: First look

    Once you click on See What’s  new, you will be taken to upgrade now page. Click on upgrade now and you can set your Email address .

    facebookupgrade thumb Facebook New Email Messaging System: First look

    facebookemaling thumb Facebook New Email Messaging System: First look

    Your Email address will be your username. So if you have not selected a username for your facebook profile, it’s time to set one ASAP. < How to set Facebook username>

    I have tested my Email address by sending Email from Gmail account and it was there within seconds. And same ways, reply was received within seconds.

    If Email is coming from your known contacts, it will land into inbox else email will land into others. I’m not sure how good spam control of Facebook Email messaging system would be, but they really need a working spam filter.

    Inside inbox, I missed an option to select all so that I can take single action on multiple Emails. I hope this will be added some time in future.

    Registration to other forums:

    I have also tried registering to other forums and websites using Facebook Email address and it also worked. So now you have another Email address which you can use to register yourself  into various forums.

    Compose Facebook Email:

    composefacebookEmail thumb Facebook New Email Messaging System: First look

    You can also compose Email from Facebook Email box and you have an option to attach file and take picture or video. This is another handy feature and might be very useful for many.

    Overall I liked the new feature on my Facebook account. Though I will wait for more usage of it, since I don’t find it as Email replacement or something I can’t live without. Probably in future, Facebook will add some more feature to it to make it stand out of the box.

    Have you received new Facebook Email invitation? If yes, do let us know your experience and views about new Facebook messaging system?

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    { 32 comments… read them below or add one }

    Vivek Parmar

    One question though, how to insert signature in facebook email messaging system as we use in gmail??


    Harsh Agrawal

    Vivek I don’t think there is an option for now.. I’m not sure if it supports HTML signature for now..



    I accidentally closed the message which was displayed on the page..Does that mean I lost my invite..??


    Harsh Agrawal

    Swapnil I’m not sure.. You can click on messaging and see if you still get an option to get this new messaging system.



    Hi Swapnil i saw your question long back but i found a solution today thought of sharing it with you.Click the messages in left side bar.In bottom of the messages page you will have an option to claim your facebook mail id.Click that and you can get your feature.

    Else you can goto http://www.facebook.com/about/messages/ and you will have the option as Upgrade to Messages.Hope it is helps you



    Congrats :)
    Can i have one invitation from you.
    My Facebook Id: http://www.facebook.com/gmanendra



    Get an invitation from here >>> http://www.facebook.com/about/messages/

    See for the message in the bottom right corner…



    How can i get a invitation…..my fb id is http://facebook.com/akhilesh.bhat1



    Nahhh. Thanks Facebook email but no thanks. I’ll stick with Gmail for now.
    I would hate to get too much more use out of Facebook with Facebook email only to have it become a premium service for Sprint I won’t want to pay for. This seems to be the direction all of these wireless carriers are headed…including Youtube, Hulu Netflix, Twitter, Pandora etc.

    MetroPCS has already started to split the net.



    I’m waiting for the invitation from face book to use there email service, face book is challenging Google’s Dominican.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Sonu not really with this Email messaging system. They might have brought an essential service to Facebook but it’s still far from perfection.



    Hey congrats dude.
    Can i have one invitation from you PLEASE.
    My Facebook Id: http://www.facebook.com/techgoing



    Looks cool. I do certainly hope I can get picked to be one of the few ones to use that. :D

    Lucky you for being invited. :)


    Suraj @Smartfatblogger

    Well, I personally feel the new FB account doesn’t perform well as before.
    The new Email ID isn’t equipped with enough, goodies and features.

    Draw backs of new Style of FB:
    1>The page loads slow than the previous home page.
    2>The picture shown in the wall, doesn’t show the albums created by you; instead it shows the tagged ones, and most of them tag the unwanted things.
    3>Editing the friends list is made really tuff, you just can’t remove your unwanted friends on the same page, you need to visit the profile and then Unfriend the person, which is pretty annoying.

    Overall speaking, I would give the new Profile and Email messaging system a thumbs down.


    Vijayraj Reddy

    cool feature, i will get my facebook email now as the names will be not available once we are late…



    I have gotten it today and do a short review too. In short, it cannot replace Gmail but still a good choice for informal exchange.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Indeed it is, but it’s still missing lots of important features like you can’t delete messages but archive them.. Select all options is not available.. They might like to add couple of more features in their Facebook messaging layout which will help users to get things quickly done.


    Hung Hong

    I am waiting for invitation too.
    Hope to use facebookmail soon


    Abhinav Sonkar

    Facebook Mail seems to be based on Microsoft Exchange. Check http://mail.facebook.com


    Wasim Ismail

    Looking foward to use Facebook email,



    Thanks for sharing this.

    Harsh, Is it for everyone or on invite basis?



    facebook is launching a lot of new and owe sum services now a days …..thats one of them………..


    Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    Still waiting for my invitation to get accepted by Facebook grrr


    Nipurn Gupta

    i luvd d new facebook mail, now we hav everything in one place…



    Hey congrats dude.
    Can i have one invitation from you PLEASE.
    My Facebook Id: http://www.facebook.com/anil.akkala



    i dunt like the new message feature i want to get back with my old messages ..can you plzz tel hw to do this..??


    Twilight Fairy

    You can never go back now.


    Twilight Fairy

    fb mail is so useless, it has screwed my normal FB messaging also.

    I cant put a subject in any mail and now all mails come as “conversations”! They dont even let you delete messages! You can only “archive” messages. If you want to delete something , the only thing you can do is delete entire conversation which means all the messages you have ever exchanged with a person. It’s the most ridiculous mailing system i’ve seen.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I agree with you on this. After upgrading to new Facebook messaging system, the only thing which I liked is getting @facebook.com Email address. I hope Facebook messaging should undergo couple of iteration and changes to make it better.


    betty jean

    It wont let me attach anything. Why?



    Hi… I don’t like the new fb message system… any one know how to disable it???


    Chloe godwin

    Heeey, how do you get the new facebook inbox?<3


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