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    Facebook Like Button Enhanced with Facebook Share Button Features

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    Sometime back Facebook pages added Like button which is now more popular than big Facebook share button. Now Facebook enhanced the functionality of Facebook like button and made it more feature rich by showing more details of the post. (Thumbnail and description).

    Earlier Facebook like button used to show only title with text: “Harsh liked Blah blah post”. This new feature will make your post more reachable when someone will like your post via Facebook like button.

    facebooklike thumb Facebook Like Button Enhanced with Facebook Share Button Features So if you have not added Facebook like button yet, refer to my old post on How to add Facebook like button and integrate it with your WordPress blog.

    Though there is a small glitch into the button that it will pick any random image from the whole page. Guys from Ashfame have developed a WordPress plugin which will make sure that first image from the post will be shown when someone will like your blog post via Facebook like button. You can download plugin from here.

    Do let us know if you liked this new feature of Fb like button and have you integrated it into your blog or not? You can test new Facebook like button by liking this post. icon smile Facebook Like Button Enhanced with Facebook Share Button Features

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    gud feature but another plugin :-? :-? i wish there is a way i can do that without using any plugin….already i m using 17 which is quite high :-(



    Facebook is changing things without explaining how they work. The way I’m looking at it – if you use share you get to pick a thumbnail, but if you use like – you don’t. So maybe they should just get rid of the thumbnails altogether. So eventually they will phase out the “share” so everyone will have to download your friends plugin. :) Thanks for giving us a link to it.


    Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging

    Ya the Share like feature is a recent update. lemme just go through the code & try to implement the code without the use of a plugin :)



    Hi Harsh,

    Ashfame is my personal brand, my online code name. You can call me a one man army ;)

    So can you please edit the reference “guys from Ashfame”.



    Geet | HobbyIdeas

    I am yet to integrate FB “Like” button to my blog…This post just reminded me to add it.


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