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    Facebook Launching It’s Commenting System

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    Every next day we have one or other update from Facebook. This time we are back with another news which will interest Bloggers and webmasters. Facebook is working on it’s commenting system and which will be available for 3rd party sites like WordPress, BlogSpot and so on. Though It’s not official which all platform will be getting dedicated plugin/addon but looking at the popularity of WordPress, I’m expecting it to be one.

    facebook commets 550x378 Facebook Launching Its Commenting System

    We already have Disqus commenting system for WordPress which will let us login via different social networking websites but with Facebook getting into this system, you can expect more features and most important more traffic from Facebook.

    According to official statement from Facebook given to Techcrunch:

    Based on feedback from developers about ways to improve our existing comments plugin, we’re testing an updated plugin that leverages authenticity and social relevancy to increase distribution. We’re testing the plugin on our Facebook Blog and Developer Blog but have no further details to share at this time.

    This is indeed something which I would be looking forward to integrate into my blog, as it will help more traffic from Facebook and better engagement as Facebook new commenting system might get Open ID login and you can login using your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and twitter ID. As an admin this would be a great feature, because any one landing on my blog will have the ability to login via any account they want.

    facebook commenting system 550x227 Facebook Launching Its Commenting System

    More over Facebook already have an existing commenting plugin but It’s not something people are fond of at this moment.  According to Insidefacebook report, this new plugin will have lots of features which will also help to prevent spam and more over you can see who is most credible commentator.

    I would be looking forward to more update on Facebook commenting system and I’m sure many of you who knows the power of Facebook for brand promotion and traffic would be looking forward for the same.

    Do let us know what all are you expecting out of new Facebook commenting system and how do you think it’s going to help us as a blogger and also as a commentator?

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    It will rock and will be helpful for us


    Saket Jajodia

    Will surly give a try on my blog let see …



    this is great. it will surely help more bloggers in promoting their sites. thanks for the good news, man!


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    I hope the Facebook team will bring in all the existing wall features for this new commenting system. If they do, then certainly we will see a better engagement.



    It is good news for all the webmasters



    I already know That, it will Improve blog’s Facebook activity


    Pooja Arora

    It gives very good response to Facebook, Facebook is growing day by day !



    It is a great news.Hope Facebook’s new commenting system will make commenting more easier.



    Great news!

    This will help bloggers by giving them chance to enhance the visibility of blog and also facebook.



    This is a great news! Just hope it is available for WordPress, perhaps in the form of an easy-to-setup plugin.



    Facebook is always evolving and this just adds to that. Sounds like a good step for not only webmasters, but facebook too.

    If this ends up being compatible with Wordpress and brings in some quality traffic, I’m all for checking it out.


    Extreme John @ Intense Business

    There’s no doubt that I’ll be adding this to my blog and my business blogs, but only if there’s actually some admin control. If it’s like many other FB features Ill probably pass.


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