Facebook Launching Email service? @fb.com

Facebook is the largest social networking site and one of the popular sites around the globe. If you have missed recent techcrunch article about Google and Facebook cold war. This war started when Google blocked Facebook API access to get the contacts from Google and later on Facebook added another way to import contacts from Gmail (Upload contact file). In reply Google added a notification on contact download page saying, You have been directed to this page from a site that doesn’t allow you to re-export your data to other services, essentially locking up your contact data about your friends. So once you import your data there, you won’t be able to get it out.


After that Facebook announced a special event which is going to happen this Monday. Two places where Google team lead the most is Google mail and Google search. Rumors are Facebook is going to announce its own Email service. Facebook recently acquired Fb.com.

More over if you will go to mail.facebook.com, you can see a login page for Email which is connected via Microsoft exchange.


It’s hard to get the authentication of this rumor before Facebook event which is going to happen this Monday. Though it would be great to see rise of a new Email service. Specially with a large user base, Facebook team will have an advantage of getting lots of Email users instantly.

Are you keeping a track of all the updates going around Google and Facebook? Do you think Facebook is going to launch Facebook Email?

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COMMENTs ( 24 )

  1. Sheila @ Avaguide says

    I know you will keep us posted about Facebook’s advancements. :) I am truly looking forward to more about Facebook’s email integration and their improvements these past few months. I just hope both parties won’t be destroying each other.

  2. Cyber World says

    well in the war between facebook and google, we are being are getting profit as getting new features from the giant sites….

  3. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    oww , this is So strong , i’m wondering is this considered a part of the cold war google and fb are having these days or a trial from Facebook to keep his 1st place alive , don’t know .. but i just don’t think emails are a good idea for fb , mark is trying to improve , one day he’ll produce cars !!!! hah

  4. Merimbula Accommodation says

    Hmm that’s weird i thought facebook was owned by microsoft who allready have email service, anyway great news to know.

  5. Pavan Kumar Kaushik says

    No matter what… Who would e1 want to switch their id’s … It would be a hit oly for new users and fb addicts , for others i dont think it would change a lot !!

  6. Kuldeep says

    I don’t know why these big nerds keep diverting from their own business. Diving into someone else’s domain is not a good idea.. Why would one need an email service.. why not simply add rich affect in the private messaging on facebook. people can already send message each other.. what different would happen if you call it mail.. message would still get delivered.. and if you want to send the mail to someone else outside facebook.. that can very well be done i guess mark.. ain’t it..????

  7. Extreme John says

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook for more reasons then not. However, I don’t see myself using Facebook or FB email as my main email anytime soon. I guess for whatever reason, I’ll always have Facebook in that MySpace category of things, when I consider Google more of a business owners friend.

    Facebook at the end of the day to me regardless of what services they offer, will always be just a social network.

  8. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    I too agree with Bilal…FB can’t beat Gmail and all in email services, the same way no body can beat FB in social media…

  9. Bilal Ahmad says

    I don’t think facebook can beat other email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. Anyway this is great to see war against google and facebook, because due to this war user will get some benefits.

    • Harpreet Singh says

      I agree with Bilal that facebook cannot beat other email services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

      Competition is growing…Everyone wants to compete with Google.

  10. Sekav @thetechnozine says

    If Facebook really happens to make the email service officially available, it would certainly take away some users from Google but not to the extent of overtaking the dominance of Gmail. I don’t think all the Facebook users would switch over to the Facebook email service as their primary email but rather keep it as a safe alternative.

    • James M says

      As large as Gmail is, people tend to forget (or don’t know) that Gmail has less than 200 million users. Facebook has over 500 million users now. They’re absolutely huge, and could quickly grow as large as Gmail if they produce something with similar capabilities and feel. I do believe they’re building it not for today’s users, but for the users of the future (people under 16). A teenager is more likely to use Facebook for email than learn Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

  11. dee oneal says

    This is quite interesting and intriguing at the same time. Well, this one is more personalized to facebook users but in the event that almost everyone has a facebook it could lead to a low usage in gmail but then again it won’t affect that for sure. Google and it’s gmail is proven to be effective and much more formal when you give to a client. It can be a cold war on both parties but then again they are different so Facebook cannot still penetrate the whole arena. I really doubt it.

  12. James M says

    As mentioned on TechCrunch, the mail.facebook.com is the internal/employee login for their email accounts. That being said, it could be the future login portal for the public, like how mail.google.com behaves currently.

    Can’t wait to see what they show to us on Monday, though.

  13. Jens P. Berget says

    I have also read about this new email service from Facebook. I believe it will happen. But, I’m not sure what I think of it. I’m very happy with Gmail, and don’t understand why I would switch to Facebook mail? On the other hand, I understand why they are launching it, because a lot of people are more or less addicted to Facebook (and most of them will switch and that’s a lot of people).

  14. mosrrof says

    Its a very wise work from facebook But, all is not possible to popular from any providers!. example: google popular but googles social media orkut is not popular as facebook. I think its a big challenge for facebook :)

  15. shanker Bakshi says

    Interesting, and they are planing to launch their Search engine too, that would populate the result based on likes, this would be interesting to watch, look how Microsoft want to be a friend competitor’s enemy. :-)

  16. vamsi @ india365 says

    Well, that authentication page is for facebook employees and it was confirmed by techcruch on their blog. Facebook users are likely to get @facebook.com email id’s rather than @fb.com. (No official news though.)

  17. abhishek says

    This seems true. Google is doing a lot to keep the secrets like salary hike (they terminated one employee for leaking the info). Facebook captured almost 25% online advertising business from Google. With email service Google may loose some more.
    Expecting some better features from facebook email.

  18. Namit Gupta says

    I read about this yesterday. It would be great if Facebook launches its email service and even more better if the domain will be @fb.com. We’ll get to use a new email service which will surely have new and innovative features and we’ll get a very short email id.