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Facebook has just rolled out a new feature ( Facebook Send Button) for sending links and other interesting topics to people through your blog or website. It’s something similar to the previously introduced Facebook Like and Fb Share buttons by Facebook. This is also simply known as the ‘Facebook Send’ button.

With the introduction of Facebook Send Button, Facebook has actually made the sharing of content more exclusive.

Facebook Send Button

What does the Facebook Send Button do?

This Facebook button can be used on your blog/website or other applications to send links, pages and other information to a group of people, friends on Facebook and other contacts. Instead of just sharing the content on your Facebook page, the Send button can send the link to just one person or you can send message to Facebook list. This will be sent like usually Facebook send private message. That is good, because not everybody likes to read what you share on Facebook by using the Like or Share button. For example if you’ve written an article that not everyone will read, but a certain group of people will, then you can use the Facebook Send button to share it with only that group of people. Isn’t that something useful?

It’s a different story if you own a blog and don’t want to reduce the traffic that Facebook Like button has been generating. Although the Send button makes it easier to share selected content with only selected groups, friends and contacts, it also hinders the traffic as only few people will actually be checking your link.

How To Add Facebook Send Button to Your Blog or Website

If you want to add the Facebook Send button to your website or blog, it’s a very simple process. All you have to do is go to the website of the Send Button documentation on developer.facebook and create your standalone send button. Grab your facebook button code and add the send button codes on your blog pages.

That’s all!! And if you already have Facebook like button on your pages, then you can use the code ‘send=true’ to it and enable the Send button next to it. See how it’s done below.

Once you’ve given the required details then use Get Code to get the coding required  to add it to your webpage, remember this is only if you don’t already have a Like Button on your page.

That is all!! Now you have your own Facebook Send button on your blog or website. It’s all based on you if you plan on adding this button as well to your page, because it surely won’t be driving much of traffic to your blog/website.

Having more than two Facebook buttons on your page will also cause confusion among readers, so it’s advisable to not add all the buttons. Are you going to use the new Facebook Send Button on your blog/website? Do give us your opinion.

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Jasmine says

    This looks like a really nice feature! I am sure many blogs and website owners will add the “Send” button to their blogs and websites in no time at all!

  2. Sumon @ Sumon Seleem's Blog says

    I don’t want to try this. I think Share or Like button is enough which helps to get much exposure.

    But ‘Send’ button will send about the content in Message and you can only send then to certain friends or groups. Friends are meant to visit each other’s blog regularly. So there is no need to send them extra message to let them know about a post. We all know. people are tired of Facebook Messages. So I’ll stuck with the ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ button :)

  3. AthulExe | Tricks Overdrive says

    wow thats realy cool
    but i think its gonna be a bit bugging
    spammers will start miss using it soon :(

  4. Mani says

    Now a days more websites are getting more traffic from Social networking Sites rather than search Engines,it shows the power of it.I think the Facebook “Send button” will present on most of the blogs with in few days!!!

  5. ashish says

    Direct Message sending kind of option given to website owners or bloggers like us..!!
    Anyways nyc work..!!

  6. Shubham Dev says

    Read few topics about this on Yahoo also…
    Anyways, thanks for sharing the info.!
    This new fb feature would surely help people!