Facebook Launched Facebook Messenger: Video Calling coming soon

Couple of days Facebook launched Facebook video chat in reply to Google+ hangout feature. Though Google+ app was still one way ahead with Google+ huddle feature and today Facebook steal all the buzz by launching Facebook messenger for iOS ( iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android devices.

Facebook messenger enables you to send messages to an individual or to the group (Data charges applied) who are on your Facebook friend list or phone contacts. I have been using Facebook messenger from last 2-3 hours and messaging using this app is too easy. Though iPad version is not really optimized for the big screen of iPad, but it’s still usable unlike Google+for iPad.


Before I will start with my views and opinion on Facebook messenger, here are couple of screenshots of Facebook messenger. Once you logged into Facebook messenger, you can add your mobile phone (optional), Facebook will send you a confirmation link via SMS and you need to click on it to verify and add your mobile number. I suggest you to complete this step instead of skipping it, as this will help you to receive messages directly in your SMS inbox.

Once you logged in, you will see message view which is similar to message view on Web. You can quickly compose message for single user or for group. You can type name to add people. The interface is very basic and simple and there is not much to explore for now. It also comes with location service, which will help you to locate Facebook friends around you.

Facebook Messenger screenshots:


facebook-messenger-messages Facebook-messenger-settings

When you you will receive a new SMS, you will get an alert for the same on your screen. Though if you want, you can disable push alert from setting page or you can switch off Alerts for 1 hour or till next morning. This is useful, if you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night, because of someone messaged you on Facebook.

Facebook messenger is a stand alone application and it works great. More over, after reading an article on Internet, I checked the files under Facebook messenger app and it seems like Facebook messenger is going to get video chat in future. Here is a screenshot of files, which is giving us clear idea about video chat coming to Facebook messenger.


I believe once Facebook messenger is available on all platform (Symbian, Java), it will be ultimate SMS killer. Right now, it enables you to send text and images but as shown in image, we will be expecting video chat soon.

How to download Facebook messenger on your Phone?

Facebook messenger is available for iOS and android devices for now. Also it’s limited to only U.S for now and would wide release is expected in some time. Though if you have a U.S based Apple account, you can download it from App store. Here is download link for Facebook messenger for iOS and for Android device.

Facebook messenger will seriously going to give tough competition to  Facetime, Whats app, BBM and couple of other services. I’m not even considering Google+ huddle because it’s not something which I and some other geeks are fond of. iMessage is also coming to iOS device with iOS 5 but again it will be compatible for iOS devices and will not work cross-platform. The problem with some of the popular services like Facetime, BBM, iMessage is they are platform dependent. Though What’s app is one service which is not platform dependent, but video calling in Facebook messenger will kill What’s app too in future. The only downside of Facebook messenger is it’s an app and unlike iMessage it doesn’t integrate with SMS box of your phone.

Facebook also hired desktop app developer some time back and I’m expecting Facebook messenger app for desktop and if that comes, Facebook will be ruling the cross-platform messaging industry. For now, I would rate this app as 4/5 and with video calling, I guess it will grab all the votes.

Have you tried Facebook messenger? Do share your initial impression and what do you think, how Facebook messenger is going to impact current BBM, what’s app and upcoming iMessage?

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  1. Siphesihle Duma says

    Facebook messenger sounds great but unfortunately i don’t have an android smartphone i have a symbian smartphone so right now i can’t use facebook messenger please let me know if there is any developement to get facebook messenger cross platform if they do please email me thank you love the review.

  2. Jasmeet Singh says

    Facebook is going innovative each day.When the Apps are launched for Facebook by Facebook itself , then we need not to worry about the security features of Third-party Apps.

  3. Hightech says

    Facebook is goig to dominate the internet ,it is always coming with useful features and it still come up with helpful tools like this one.

  4. Raj @ Social Media Guide says

    this is definitely one the greatest insightful post one can find on Facebook messenger, I check pros and cons on this service, have to check it live..

  5. ramz says

    True appreciable review. ‘ sms killer ‘ nice usage have to try it on my phone. When can we expect video chat

    • says

      Ramz there is no tentative date for Video calling coming to messnger.. But I guess it will be some time soon in future. As it’s going to take Facebook messenger to next level.

  6. Carolyn says

    Great review, Harsh. I eespecially enjoyed your view on what makes Facebook Messenger better than BBM, Google+ Huddle and iOS messaging. I agree, cross-platform functionality will be key.

    Awesome detective work delving into the files to see video calling is in our future. And thanks for the images and links.

    I’m off to tweet this so others can appreciate this A+ review. Well done.