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    Facebook Fan Pages Added Like button

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    Facebook is undergoing lots of changes recently and one of them is removing Facebook Lite and take down of fb.me URL shortener. This is another news which will fascinate bloggers and webmasters who are using Facebook Fan pages to make their blog rock star. Facebook Fan pages helps you to bring a community around your blog.

    Earlier readers have to click on Become a Fan button to become a member of any Facebook fan page and from today onwards Facebook team has changed it to Like button. Seems like Facebook team are planning to bring the uniformity by using like button everywhere. (Advertisements, comments, notes, photos, Albums and so on).

    faebookfanpagelike thumb1 Facebook Fan Pages Added Like button

    Though I believe they should change the width and height of this like button as it is tiny in size, one thing which I will change in my Facebook Fan page Widget is change the title to click on Like me to become a Fan.

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    Do let us know your views on this new Facebook Fan page like button. Do you like it or do you dislike it?

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    Debajyoti Das

    I am a fan already …. I clicked “like” and something happened … not sure I removed myself from the fans. If that happens then this new thing sucks.


    Anshul Dixit

    Yes Debajyoti, if you are already a fan and you click on like button again, you’ll b removed from the fans. Tested on my blog.



    There should be 2 buttons for this method. Like and Don’t Like buttons because it is kinda confusing if you have selected the option or not for newbies.



    Absolutely right. This new feature sucks. I don’t know why they changed it. Now the normal users don’t understand whether they are fan or not.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I agree with you Simran. I find it a bad move and confusing. :}


    harsh you are amazingly fast……
    thnx dude:)



    The new “Like” button is looking nice.


    Anshul Dixit

    This is a nice strategy by facebook. “Liking” a blog is better than “Becoming a Fan” since it is not necessary that I am a fan of something I like. I am a fan of Sachin, and I like Shane Warne. Both convey different meanings. Being a Fan is a bigger commitment. Asking someone to become my blog’s fan doesn’t look very nice also.



    yes i also notice this new feature today, thanks for details info harsh


    Anshul Dixit

    Just realized its downside– Earlier I was “a fan of” Shashi Tharoor.. now I “LIKE” Shashi Tharoor.. no way man !! That gives a wrong impression ;)


    Pavan Somu

    This button seems pretty great than Fan button.



    ‘Like’ looks better than ‘Become a fan’



    nice little addition…i liked it


    jai prakash

    Updation give me benifit .thanks harsh .I am going to join the facebook fan…….


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