Facebook Fan Page: How to Permanently Ban a Spammer

If you are owner of any popular Facebook fan page one thing you will encounter on regular basis is link spam. Many people will comment along with their blog link or many people will try to advertise on your Fan page about their services.

Here is a quick tutorial post which will help you to report and ban such spammer.

Flag the spammer:

This is the first thing which you need to do. Click on flag link in front of the comment and after that click on report.


Report the spammer


On the next page you have an option to select the reason for reporting the user and you can permanently ban the spammer.

Permanently Ban the Spammer


I usually permanently ban the spammer who tries to spam on Shoutmeloud Fan page. I would love to know your reaction. What do you do when someone tries to spam your Facebook Fan page?

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COMMENTs ( 25 )

  1. gracefulservices says

    I want to know how to *unblock* someone from my business page.

    i had gone to their personal profile, and clicked on the gear icon and chose the option to *block* them. Now i can’t find them on fb at all, can’t see their personal profile, and i want to unblock them. how is this possible? i am not finding an answer anywher

  2. G. says

    I have a strange question. I have a facebook fan page for my metal music blog. and I’ve looked at some of my “fans” and some look like the last type of people that like metal music. so why did they “like” my page in the first place? for example, I have one fan, I looked at his profile, and under his fave music, he’s got all rappers listed. I just find it odd.

  3. Nikki Yannikos says

    We have a huge problem on our FB page from one particular spammer who likes our page, spams several times, then unlikes it. This makes the report button disappear. Unless I can catch her right at that moment I can not ban her. I have reported her personal page to FB but I know they don’t really care. I just want her banned from our fan page. Any ideas?

  4. sidduz says

    Great Tip harsh, but I would like to raise the question. The profile which u showed as the example in screen shot is a spammer or u just assumed him :P
    and also Can u provide information about how to block certain person who is spamming on our Wall?

  5. Sammy | Free Home Business says

    Thanks Harsh for this info. Though my Facebook fan page is not as popular and not yet the target of many spammers, but this info will be beneficial to me in the future, I believe.
    Thanks again for sharing….

  6. Anup @ Hack Tutors says

    Amazing! I will definitely try it. Thank you very much for sharing :) But I don’t have much fans on facebook.

  7. shashank says

    nyce post bro…
    good way to keep spammers @ bay…
    as they are increasin by leaps N bounds day by day,
    thanks :)

  8. Shubhamoy says

    Thanks a lot Harsh & even I didn’t knew this. These whatever product we design considerable amount of time is required to think on the great spammers or I shall say lamers.

    Anyways thanks a lot once again :)

  9. Imran says

    Great write-up Harsh!

    I am new to FaceBook and learning the trick and tips, this kinds of articles are a fall from heaven for all and new to FaceBook to secure from spammers.

  10. Kamal Patel says

    Harsh…Nice Post
    It help social media marketer to improve their quality. Many people are using social media as link building….we can prevent from spammers.

  11. Jaydip Parikh says

    Wonderful Information mate. Specially SEO guys who want to do Social Media and don’t understand this kind of rules. They just want visitors by what ever ways. This will really help FAN Page Admin to stop this kind of activity.

  12. Shanker Bakshi says

    Well some people always complains about attack by spammers on their FB Fan pages, good heck for them, nice writeup there.