Facebook Updated Users Email to @Facebook.com

It’s been a while Facebook rolled out Facebook timeline & Facebook Email feature and in an expected update, Facebook updated user profile Email address to @Facebook.com. There is nothing to be worry about, as your other Email address (@yahoo, @gmail, @msn), is still there but hidden from others.

It’s been long, Facebook Email address exists and it’s same as your custom username. For example, if my Facebook custom URL is Facebook.com/denharsh, then my Facebook email address is [email protected] We have expected and waiting for an Email client update from Facebook,since they launched Facebook Emails, but even after year, there is no news about the same.  Now, under Facebook contact info, Facebook started showing @facebook.com Email address as primary contact, which is unacceptable as this feature is rolled out without user opting for it and I wonder how many of you are using Facebook Email address as your primary contact or even secondary contact?

Though, you can always Email to Fb Email directly and you can search people on Facebook using the same Email address, but again it doesn’t solve the purpose, because as a user I would love to use and show my primary contact info, to others.

How to update Email address on Facebook:

Since, this update is rolled out for everyone, you can quickly change your privacy settings of contact and make necessary changes.  Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Edit Contact Info
  • Emails:
Edit Facebook Email address

Change the privacy of your other Email to friends or public, depending upon your privacy settings. Or you can hide both the Email address from people by settings up privacy to me. Once done, click on save and I also suggest you to verify the changes by seeing your profile as how your friend sees.

In timeline, Facebook offers a feature call: View as, which will help you to see your profile as any of your friend, and this is very helpful when you are setting or changing privacy settings of your profile.

Facebook view as friend feature

To use the “view as” feature, go to your Fb profile and click on Wrench icon next to Activity log (Below cover picture) and click on “View as”, just enter any of your friend name and see how and what all information they can see on your fb profile.

I believe, Facebook should have come up with their own Email service and then they should have changed this Email to Fb.com Email for making this viral, but with this approach when Facebook.com Email address is not so popular, it’s a wrong move by them to update users contact info. Or may be, Facebook is thinking some thing creative with their Facebook messenger app.

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Anyhow, I would love to know your reaction on this Email address update and how many of you have checked and updated your contact info? If you find this news useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook with your friends.

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Ranjeet says

    What is main motive behind this. What advantage user or facebook will get after changing to @facebook.com

  2. Girish says

  3. Gautam Doddamani says

    saw this very recently, thanks for the update harsh…i will immediately change my email address back to normal..facebook shouldnt have automatically updated profiles…its very rude and ppl who dont know of this update will never know how to change it back!

  4. says

    Thanks for the share harsh. I just now checked my account and it is not the same in my case. I had a separate section called Facebook email and there I found my new email ID. my primary and secondary mail ID were same. now the point is if someone sends a mail to my FB mail ID I donno where it will reach. I think i need to give a try with a sample one. View as feature is useless I think so.