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Facebook Desktop Messenger: Chat from Windows Desktop

Facebook Desktop Messenger: Chat from Windows Desktop

Let me start with, I’m not really a big fan of Facebook chat. Some time back Facebook integrated Fb chat with Skype and launched Facebook desktop messenger. Facebook also launched an official messenger app for iOS device and despite of having it on my device for almost few months, I have never used it. It’s because of the basic chat features missing in Facebook chat. Anyways, that’s about me, but I’m sure many of you must be using Facebook chat to stay in touch with your friends in real-time.

Facebook desktop messenger Most of the time, we use Facebook website to use chat but do you know, Facebook also have an official desktop chat client, using it you can chat with your Facebook friends right from your desktop.

Download Facebook desktop Messenger for Windows:

You can download Facebook messenger for Windows from official page here and it’s an online installer, that means you need to be connected to internet to complete the setup and installation. Once you have downloaded and installed the desktop client, rest of the process is easy. All you need to do is give your Facebook login credentials and you will be able to start using chat right from desktop.

Wait, there is more to it:

You can use this chat client for seeing your Facebook notification and Facebook ticker is also integrated within it. So, you can easily keep yourself updated with your friends update from desktop. So, here are the list of features that you get with Facebook desktop client:

  • Chat with your Facebook friends online
  • Get notification for messages and updates
  • Facebook ticker
  • Friend requests

Sounds quite impressive and any Facebook lover will love to have it on all the time.

What is missing in Official Facebook Windows messenger:

I’m not much of an online chatter or I stick mostly to Skype and occasionally GTalk to get in touch with my online friends. Though, Facebook client could become my best desktop chat messenger, if only they will integrate following features in coming days:

Facebook video call feature:

If you remember, Facebook launched video chat long time back in partnership with Skype (Which again get criticize for bad video quality and half of the time it doesn’t work), but having video chat will be a bonus.

Visible/Invisible status:

Facebook lists feature let us group our friends on Facebook and same is used on Chat to stay online or invisible for certain group. But, I’m still little old-fashioned and I like Yahoo messenger, skype and Gtalk feature of staying online but invisible or put a busy status. This is something which I’m still missing and I expect Facebook to add this feature soon, as without it, this messenger will remain in complete.

Facebook should also consider adding an option to update status from this client, as it very handy for users. Also, When I tried Installing Facebook desktop messenger on Windows 8, it didn’t work but it worked fine on Windows XP and Windows 7 system. I believe it’s because I’m on developer preview of Windows 8 and soon when final release will be out, it will work. I will update about the same, when Windows 8 final will be installed on my system.

Over all, if you are a Facebook chat fan, you would love to download Facebook desktop messenger on your desktop and staying online without logging into official Facebook site. I would love to know your review and opinion on Fb messenger and what other features you would like to see in it?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1097 articles.

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  • Hirak

    I have used this messenger and it kind of reminds you of the Google Chat installer through its interface etc. But like you have mentioned I like the old styled messengers like Windows or Yahoo which are miles ahead. The other thing that was noticed is that the FB messenger does not work with corporate proxy network whereas Gtalk easily connects.

  • Mahesh Verma

    Awesome FB Desktop messenger Thanks for sharing this :)

  • Nehal Kabra

    I tried installing facebook messenger in windows xp but it didnt work… I feel it is only compatible for windows 7 ..

  • Amrik Virdi

    Hello Harsh,
    I am using this desktop version since from last week and I can say it is so easy and fun to use. The best part is it can float or easily be snapped to the desktop’s sidebar.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Good luck.

  • Pramod sharma

    facebook chat massenger is the awesome feature by it becomes very easy to stay connected with friends without login.


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