Facebook Announces Video Chat and More

It’s happened, ladies and gentlemen and geeks!! Few days ago we told you that Facebook is going to launch video chat using Skype’s services and as I write this it’s already gone live. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg just announced the next big thing on Facebook, the Video Chat feature at an event in Palo Alto.

This is a real awesome feature at the moment that’s really going to change how things happen at Facebook. Instead of just instant messaging your Facebook friend, you can now video chat with your buddy too. Just click on the Video Call button, install the plugin and you’re all set. The service, as predicted is powered by Skype and is rolling out as we speak. I’m pretty sure many of you are going to be super excited to read this.

Along with Video Call, Facebook also launched a New design layout for Chat and improved upon the Group Chat feature. These are the three new things that happened today, but the most crucial remains the Video Call feature.

The new chat design includes the Video Call button on every chat window, plus they’ve also released a new chat sidebar which will actually remain at the side of your browser throughout and will tell you who’s online and who’s not.

The new Video Call button is also been integrated into every profile, so you can visit your friends profile page and just click on the Call button to initiate video calling. At the moment, it only supports one-on-one video call options, unlike Google+’s Hangout feature which can make Group Video calls.

And even though the video call is powered by Skype, you don’t need an account to use this feature. The setup process is super simple and is over in about 20 seconds. Once done, you can call any Facebook friend of yours!!

Visit this page to set up Facebook Video Chat on your browser.

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. Suraj @Smartfatblogger says

    I think the streaming is little slow, as integration of skype is bulky and there are some bugs, its not fluent like Google+ hangout which works seamlessly!

  2. doctormod1up says

    That’s how Zuckeberg think to surf the web evolution? Copying (badly) the g+ video chat, that is one of the best video conference app ever seen on web, but in a cheap way… Horrible… And if someone try g+ will understand what I mean…

    • Siddie says

      You don’t get it!! It’s not about who has better feature, it’s all about how many people are actually going to use it on a regular basis. It’s about having the right base!! Google+ has nothing at present, only good features, no users!!
      Simple question: Who has more than 750 Million users ready to use Video Chat?

  3. shenoyjoseph says

    i just now tried it works excellent without any problem and even cam clarity is also good when you on video call. :)