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    Facebook Announces Timeline: The Story of Your Life

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    Facebook’s f8 developer conference went live about half an hour ago and now Mark is presenting some really cool new features that you’ll soon see on your profile. The conference started out with a bang with Andy Samberg, the comedian, starting the keynote pretending to be Mark Zuckerberg. Finally after some crazy laughter, the original Mark Zuckerberg came on stage and took over.

    facebook timeline 550x294 Facebook Announces Timeline: The Story of Your Life

    Mark believes that Your Profile is the most important thing about yourself on Facebook, you use it to introduce yourself to people, make friends and share your moments. Facebook is about to go to whole new level. They’ve introduced a new feature called the Timeline.

    Timeline basically tells/shows you friend or anyone who checks it out the story of your life. It’s pretty neat and amazing, I already liked it a great deal. Everything you’ve ever done or shared on your profile will now be shown on a super new page that’s just a beauty to look at, well, if you’ve got beautiful pictures from the past. You can view everything you’ve shared in all your life, by selecting the year or just scrolling down instead of clicking on the present View More.

    I’m not really sure if everyone wants to share their story, but it sure is interesting. After you check out this video, the way it was made is really going to make you like this new feature.

    There’s lots more to it. And lots and lots more to come. This is the evolution of your Facebook profile.

    You can now Sign Up for the Facebook Timeline feature so that you’ll know when it’s live. Sign Up here.

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    fazal mayar

    thats neat, lately ive noticed that everyone tries to stalk to see others people life, this will make the process much easier

    Nancy Leonard

    I love their new design profile. I have already installed the application required. It really looks neat and manageable. One thing why Facebook is always updating their sites because of the new social networking site called Google+, which is now starting to grow.


    This new timeline feature will really rock. i liked it very much. i think fb is taking very significant steps to remain ahead to google+ in the social networking market.

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