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Facebook Download Information Feature Launched

Facebook Download Information Feature Launched

Facebook download information is new feature introduced by Facebook, which will let user download the complete Facebook profile.

Facebook which was  lockdown for two months finally emerged back today with some exciting announcement and new Facebook features. I will be covering all possible features they have announced today starting with download your information feature.

We can call this feature as Facebook backup feature. This feature will let you download a zip file of all the information you have put on your Facebook profile along with your conversation with friends and what ever you posted on your profile.

Facebook download information

The zip file will be like a mini local site of your Facebook profile. Here is a video which shows exactly how this download information feature of Facebook works and how you can use Facebook down-load information feature:

How to use Facebook Download Information [Video]

As an end user of Facebook, I welcome this new feature as I will always have all the information related to my profile backed up on my local system. To prevent misuse of this system, like if someone has access to your Facebook password, he can’t download your information.

When you or anyone initiate a request for downloading all your profile information, it takes some time and a download link will be sent to linked facebook profile Email address. After clicking on link, you have to reenter your Facebook password and download the file. So even if someone has access to your Facebook password, he need to have your Email access to download everything. I will call it as one good security measure added by Facebook.

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Do share your views about download Facebook profile feature from Facebook. How beneficial this is going to be for an end user? Don’t forget to like this post and share with your friends on Facebook about this new useful feature.

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  • Nauman

    Facebook added a very nice and useful feature. Thank you very much for your time which you spend on finding this useful information. Now we can easily backup our all information which has uploaded on Facebook.

  • Praveen-Techperk

    facebook always comes with new things and innovations :) Cool :)

  • Thiru

    It is really a great feature. Facebook rocking..

  • Reshab |

    I liked the feature.. it will be helpful when you lost your account for some reason…

  • Prabal

    It is a another good feature from facebook although I was expecting a much bigger announcement last night. :P

  • Shubham Dev

    Nice piece of information. (: This feature would surely help many people to keep a backup of their facebook profile(s). :D

  • shashank

    Hey bro i didnt get the link AccountSettings>> No download link !
    Lemme know if this feature is made available to Indian Users?

    • Eddie Gear

      Try and delete your temp files and cookies. Restart ur browser and see.


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