Facebook Added On Site Notification for Page Admins

Most of ShoutMeLoud readers who are bloggers have a Facebook fan page, and I’m sure if you believe in keeping an engaging Fb fan page for your Blog/Website, you must be keeping an eye on notification related to your Facebook fan Pages. As an admin, when ever you go to your Fan page, you can see a list of messages, new likes and notification for comments. This is a quick way to see what all happened on your page while you were busy doing something else.

Indeed it’s a good way to keep an eye on all notification of your page and adding more to fan page notification, Facebook added a new feature call On site notification, which will let you see notification related to your Fan page directly on your profile. Earlier, you need to go to fan page to see the notification, something like this.

Facebook fan page notification

How to enable Fan page On site notification feature?

By default on site notification feature is disabled and you can enable it if you need it. If you have a very active Facebook profile and already gets tons of notifications, you might not like to enable it, as it will drastically increase your number of Facebook notifications, if your page is super active. If not, you can go to edit page > Your settings and enable the option which says Send me a notification on Facebook when people post, like, comment on, or send Shoutmeloud a message.

FAcebook on site notification

Thats it and now when ever any activity happens on your fan page, you will get a notification for the same.  This is a a little update but all Fan page owners, who love being active on their Fan page, they might not like to miss this option to keep an eye on their page from their profile too. Personally, I enabled this onsite notification feature for few of pages and not all. Specially those pages, like ShoutMeLoud fan page and WpFreesetup fan page, where Facebook sends me top referral traffic. If you are wondering how to promote a Website on Facebook, read this guide.

If you are a Fan page owner here are few tips, which will help you to make most out of it.

Let me know what technique are you using to keep an eye on latest activity on your Fan page? Are you using any 3rd party tool or default fan page notification tab?

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  1. Nizam Khan says

    Notifications related to fan page directly on profile, this seems to be interesting. Thanks Harsh for this update :)

    • saurabh says

      Thats a nice way to get to know about all the notifications eespecially if you have multiple fan pages.