Experience of An Accountant As A Blogger

This is a story of my life as a blogger for me, I tried many ways to make money online and couldn’t succeed and still trying. Here you can read about all the advertisement network I used, some of them worked, and some didn’t work for me.

Let me first introduce you about Tally. Tally is a leading Indian Accounting software easy to understand and manage, and it was a time some years ago when accounts and Tally words were synonymous.

Tally Accountant

Tally Accountant

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Some years back, I was facing some technical problems in Tally. I tried to find out a solutions over the net, and I found a very good blog Initially. Then I have studied the entire blog, and I started to visit it daily. I release a big craze among people to learn Tally. So, I have decided to start my blog in 2006.However initially, I could not find much time to give it due to the full-time job and my other engagement.

Now, I am an active blogger since beginning of 2009 and upon completion of one year as an active blogger, I think it worthwhile to Share my experience.

Before playing an active role for my blog, I have surf the net a lot. I came to know about various techniques, monetize possibility, the scope of growth and many other things that any blogger should know. I surf about 2-3 months, and I found many interesting things.

Then, the first thing I have decided to have my primary domain name, and I got it.

Secondly, there were main two option for me to choose one is blogger and another is word press (WP) I selected Blogger as I am a very easy-going person with little brain so can’t keep pace with hard technical things. Sorry, I do not want to hurt WordPress lovers but WordPress is not for a nontechy like me, and I love blogspot for this reason.

The path was full of fun, creativity, challenge and to achieve something different in life just for a change, and I will summarize my blog journey.

People love money, money and anything about money is always selling like a hot cake so, I will start to share my experience with difference ad network

A) Monetize and advertisement Network

Adsense :

Have you every read the world famous story of spider and the king? A King, who got defeated in the war for six time, then inspired from a spider and fought seventh time and won! If you want to associate with Adsense, you have to try like a spider. After all internet is like a spider web and only a spider have mastery over the net.

I have applied for Adsense, and I was rejected. I applied again and again and every time I get different reasons for rejection.I was not leaving the field so easily but then ADSENSE ban my account so that I could not make any further application! However last month again, I applied, and they told me to verify my site ownership by posting a message as per their drafting and resubmit. I did so with a great hope, and soon I got a rejection love letter from Adsense with a reason of “unacceptable site content “! For the first time in life, I realize that somebody make me FOOL in such a smart way!

Info links:

I found it best, and I am still sticking to it. Making some bucks which are enough to meet the electricity cost of laptop for running the blog, and I am satisfied with this.

Chitika :

Almost my 98% traffic is from India; I can’t expect much from this.Still I am giving it try without earning expectation as they honestly said that a publisher can earn if its major source of traffic is from USA/Canada. I have great respect for honest people/association, so I continued it.

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Bidvertiser :

Bidvertiser also has no much ads that match with my site, and traffic content hence no use to continue with it. I tried it for six months and kicked it out.

Lijit :

Finally, I reach my destination. Initially I limited it only for search purpose as I lost hope for earning money through ads from my blog However basically I am very positive, so I have decided to try its content ad and result was very surprising.From the 1st Hour of placing the content ad on my site, it started showing earning immediately.For a moment, I thought, there might be some bug in the system of Lijit. Soon I realize that it’s not a bug and its a reality then I make a lot of research on Lijit and I have placed all the available code from Lijit and kicked out all my low/non-paying ad network. For me, Lijit is superb in view of ease of usage, installation of code, support, and service and of course for earning good money.

Buy sell ads:

I remember during the early of 2009, I also applied to this network, and they rejected me with a dozen of reason. After reading a favorable review of this ad network in Shoutmeloud, I recently again applied it. My god! they took only 5 minutes to reject me with the same one dozen reasons. I guess there is some guy who knows only to press a REJECT button whenever he got an application.

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CMF ads:

Very funny experience with this ad network! They rejected my site stating the reason that my site is not in English.

Well English is not my first language, so may be my English doesn’t suites their taste.

Apart from above, I have tried another 30-45 ad network but its all like searching a life partner for you where you propose a somehow 100-150 and 90% of them reject you and who accept you is of no class so ultimately you have to divorce them.

Anyway, I am in full-time job and earning a handsome salary so If I don’t get anything from any ad network, It doesn’t matter me as the sole purpose for running the blog is not monetary. I love Tally software and accountancy and I love to solve people’s problems.It also increase my proficiency in this field. During the period I came to know about different problems facing by certain tally user solutions of which help me in my real job.

B. Search Engines and site directory

Google is the king as a source of big traffic to my blog. For a month time en.sitebro also send a huge traffic to my site.
Initially, I have started to put back links with various sites, however then I left it. I also do not run after Google page Rank.
frankly speaking, real life is full of tension and I don’t’ want more hazard for Google page rank or Alexa rank. It will be childish to increase blood pressure if page /Alexa rank/ go in an adverse way.

Two major forum also sent a huge traffic to my site though I am not much active there. One is CA Club India and another is Citehr. I posted only once in Citehr forum and I got daily 20-30 visitors from this site alone. when my blog was not popular enough, this figure was serving oxygen for my blog.

C. Experience with Blog readers and message to my readers.

Though I respect my readers but somehow, I don’t like people’s mentality. I found many readers who think that they can learn tally or accountancy by surfing net! The genuine readers are quite low. Majority of readers are surfing with an intention to find out “Aladdin ka chirag” so that they can learn something within couple of hours. I Don’t like these kind of readers and will advice them to stay away from my site.

Tally is such a simple software that any person having little knowledge of English and basic of accountancy can learn it easily without anybody’s help. I know 10 -15 persons who are even not a commerce graduate and they never go to any classes to learn tally. They learn it themselves and today they are earning 15-25 K (300-500$) per month as part-time accountant/free lancer accountant.

All a person is need to install the educational copy of the software which is available free from various site including my blog. They can make entry on the educational software and can practice it. Practice is the biggest teacher in life however people don’t want such trouble and expecting some miracle.

One of my reader asked me to suggest him a software to learn tally online. I told him that I know only one software in life and that is hard work and common sense.needless to say that this gentleman quit the chat and my site immediately. I always want my blog to save from such kind of person.Also these people are so lazy that they will waste hours and hours searching over net but will never try to post comments about the problem they are surfing. I always advised my readers that when they have any trouble they can send me mail or can post a comment and I will solve the problem however they expect that I solve their problem through chatting.

D.Inspiration from other blog

I got many useful tips from other blogs like Apnitally, Simpletaxindia,Blog doctor, Shoutmeloud. The last two helped me how to increase my page views and how to get great traffic for the blog.

Read :

Do share your blogging journey and let us know which ad network is working for you?

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COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. Bharatwaj says

    I am impressed from your site as first 3 ad sites which you told did same with me and also this blog helped me a lot thanx a lot and i started my site around about 25 days before but i dont know How to attract people to my site as it contains history knowledge some find it boring so wat Can i do pls suggest

  2. Mahendra says

    After working with Lijit 6 months as a publisher, I have to change my opinion for this ad network. Lijit is not that trustworthy as I have thought to.
    Initially they paid good but latter on they have have stopped crediting my earnings in spite of service ad impression to my site.They used their own Adsense and other premium ad network account on my site but didn’t credit anything for that. When I raised my voice against them then they have immediately terminated my account. Knowing their malice intention in advance luckily I had withdrawn all my earnings before raising my voice.
    My final opinion is that Ad sense and Infolinks are the best

  3. meblogger says

    I was one of the first users of lijit ad service and was enjoying a continuous very high eCPM till 15 days back. Suddenly, one day I got a message from them saying that they can not continue delivering ads on my site as it is not based in North America….not to mention about their earlier mess-ups on lijit service that switched off lot of users – my point is that lijit started well but it seems new investments have pushed them to take certain decisions that might push this company back to stone age. To say the least, Lijit has disappointed me

    • Chintan says

      I agree. The same thing has happened to me.

      Lijit ads no longer display in india and so i am stuck at 18$.

  4. Udegbunam Chukwudi says

    ROFLMAO! No house owner can tolerant a tenant without a rent. That’s another thing with affiliate marketing, adsense etc. You’re offering free traffic for which you might NEVER be compensated.

  5. Naveen says

    heyy Mitra… firstly of all thx for sharing your experience with us….

    secondly, i have noticed some typical ads by Google & Microsoft on your blog whats the story about that?

    • Mahendra says

      Hi, Naveen,
      The ads by Google you have seen on my site is powered by Lijit Ad network and they are paying handsome even for low traffic. That is why now I m not much keen for Google Adsense. The only loss, I will suffer that I will lose earnings for guest posting for Shoutmeloud as I don’t have Adsense Code…….. just kidding…

  6. Mahendra says

    Friends Thanks for your feedback.
    3rd Brain,
    for me the best ad network is Lijit and then infolinks.
    I am not a technical person. Also my blog is not for professionals.
    Everyday, 100-150 visits my blog by typing ” Free Learning tally” etc. They are persons from middle class or economically weak section of society. Some of them are doing full time job as accountant for a throw away salary for 10-12 hours duty, have no extra time to join classes nor have money to pay for it. They surf the site, find solutions of their problem which help to perform their duty well.

    I visited your blog, its professionally designed and written well.However compare Alexa ranking it with my blog. There is no big difference.

    Further I haven’t taken help of any professional person. For me money is not a problem but I feels pleasure of doing something “by self” I believe in self learning. it increase my knowledge and awareness of related field.

    Thanks for approving the post and giving it a professional touch.

    Thanks again all of you for the feedback.

    Best Regards

    • Gurpreet Singh says

      Your Experience it heart touching with Google. I know When i Started I got my Adsense Account approved just in 2 days because I started with Blogger in 2005 and Then there is no extra condition of Google. Yes I started using Infolinks in this October and earned App. $ 250 in these 3 months from It. Keep it up man one day u will Rock.

  7. loveish says

    I think lots of bloggers will find this story similar to their stories. But thank god i never had such experience. Every ad network approved my site. But i never heard about Lijit. Is there anyone else who can tell me about their experience with Lijit.

  8. Chintan Patel says

    This is the best guest article i have read till now on this blog.

    Though english is not up to the mark which i am usually critical about, but still the frank opinion expressed more than makes up for it.

  9. Arafat Hossain Piyada says

    Very up and own journey, like I face initially and now I’m somewhat a little known blogger in blogosphere. Your story just remind me a old story about Robert Bruce where he learn a single line – ‘never give up hope’. Thanks for sharing it with us, it definitely worth a reading and give new blogger some inspiration.

  10. NITYIN says

    Hey.. That’s a detailed post you have penned down as a first year blogger. I too had undergone the same experiences and was feeling let down earlier by all the hard work I had put into my blogs. It is recently when I came across ShoutMeLoud and the mind blowing figure been posted by Harsh that I realised the earning potential from the blogs. Though my genre is totally different but am now trying to make some money out of it.

    Great post and all the best for 2010

  11. 3rdbrain says

    A well written experience of your first blogging year. And I would like to thanks being a blogger as we all need people like you to share experiences as we learn a lot from our fellow mates. One thing I would like to ask from you to share your best worked ad-network. (infolink ?)

      • Abhijeet Singh says

        Hey Harsh,
        I have a small suggestion for you. I was just going through this article reading about the personal experience about the author. The weirdest part was (I know its my mistake) thinking that this your article, I mean you are the author. But realized this in the last few lines where Mahendra thanked few websites including ShoutMeLoud for helping out in promoting his website Tallynine.com (Which I know you really help cause you are my great source of inspiration for Blogging.), it then struck in my mind that the author is someone else.

        So, my suggestion if you can put a “About the author” thing just above the article starting or keep the picture and author’s name at just starting of the article, best example for this is Mashable, and rest details at the end. It just an suggestion, rest its up-to you, whatever you feel is good for your blog as being an experienced person in this field.