Executing A Live Blogging Strategy: Live Blogging Insights – Part 1

A Look Into Live Blogging

One method of driving traffic that is underutilized and many times not even managed well is the concept of “live blogging.” Publishers have the ability to report on major events, cover breaking news, and blog about product launches which can all utilize a live blogging framework. Live blogging provides fresh new content for your readers, increases website traffic, and provides a historical context of real-time activity. The issue is that many bloggers never really receive the fullest impact from implementing a live blogging strategy, and their visitors and readers never really are provided a great experience. Many bloggers utilize the live blogging concept; however, it has been misunderstood. This article will describe

  1. Creating in the moment content
  2. A live blogging framework
  3. Live blogging benefits.

This will be a 3-part series, we will explore

  1. Insights into live blogging
  2. Top live blogging tools and resources
  3. How to implement a live blogging strategy on your blog.

In this first series, we will discuss insights about live blogging.

Part 1: Insights of Live Blogging

Creating In The Moment Content

Live BloggingLive blogging is usually used to chronicle live events for a specific period of time. It is best for creating in the moment content, where the publisher is benefiting by receiving a high volume in traffic, and readers have the opportunity to be engaged with fresh content and an exciting event.

Many bloggers, however, don’t usually implement the right live blogging strategy. Their event is not organized, readers don’t know where to interactive with the event, and the technology used is not always stable. Creating a successful live blogging event will not only increase your blog traffic, but if done correctly, you will be able to sustain that growth over a long period of time. Many times, you find live blogging events that have a great spike in traffic, and then after that event, the traffic is back down to its usual norm.

The greatest part about live blogging is that readers can access the content or event without having to create a separate account to take part and interact. Bloggers will be able to gain loyal readers and the conversations and information can be shared, distributed, and syndicated through a variety of tools, resources and platforms.

Live Blogging Framework

The misconception about live blogging is that it should be done only with events. However, bloggers can implement a live blogging framework into their own daily blogging activities very easily. Another problem is that some bloggers tend to implement a live blogging framework completely by themselves. This can be done, but through the use of tools, resources, and social media, you can boost your results of your live blogging strategy.

One issue is that some live blogging events end up being multitudes of random posts. The problem is that when your readers come to interact, comment and participate in your event, they find it difficult given that the live event does not have a central place, and is unorganized. One method you can implement is to create a special page and category of posts, tagged for LIVE BLOGGING only. Next, you want to utilize a combination of tools and resource applications such as podcasts, photo sharing, social networks, video blogs, email, and micro-blogging platforms all with a focus on that specific event. You shouldn’t just rely on your blog to implement a live blogging strategy. The goal in implementing your live blogging framework is to increase your post frequency.

Benefits of Live Blogging

The mission of live blogging is to empower engaged readers to participate, interact and become loyal followers on your blog. Your goal in implementing a successful blog strategy is to not just increase your blog traffic, but to create a sustainable traffic growth strategy over the long term.

When implementing a live blog strategy, one way to ensure sustainable growth is to plan consistent events. An event does not have to be just when breaking news is happening about your blog or online business. You can cover other events in your niche, conferences, live events, meetings, or even a day in the life of a blogger style posts. Your objective is to create a stream of commentary, allowing consistent updates, and easy access for your readers to engage.

You can use a live blogging strategy to cover product launches, running contests, conducting market research, reporting on negative news, stories of inspiration, or breaking news stories. You must ensure to follow up with your readers after your event to ensure long term traffic growth.

What’s Next

The next two episodes will discuss 1) Top live blogging tools and resources, and, 2.) How you can implement a live blogging strategy on your blog. There are many tools and applications to consider, but if you take the basic framework as outlined above, and implement a strategy, you will have a very successful live blogging event.

Here, you have gained some great insights into live blogging, and how to establish content in the moment strategy for your blog. Additionally, you have gained some information on what live blogging is all about and the strategic framework that can be used to implement a live blogging strategy. Lastly, we discussed benefits of having a powerful live blog strategy that can result in having happy and loyal readers as well as allow you to grow your traffic over the long term.

Be on the lookout for the next part of my series: Executing A Live Blogging Strategy: Top live blogging tools and resources – Part 2.

Have you ever utilized live blogging on your blog? I’d be interested in learning your experiences with live blogging. Let us know your experiences with live blogging.

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

    • Darrin Kuykendall says

      Thanks Swamykant. Yes, Techcrunch is a perfect example of who utilizes the Live Blogging concept well. They have first hand experience on some of the tools and resources as well. The key is putting together a package of tools that are useful for the individual.

      Be on the lookout for my next series which is coming up soon.

  1. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    i believe that’s not that simple and being aware is required , i do like the post a lot and of course i will be reading the 2nd part , thank you for talking about this topic , really interesting and i do think this new way of blogging will be known more and more :))

    • Darrin Kuykendall says

      I look forward to your responses on the next one Rahul. And I absolutely agree that Live Blogging is something that will become more prevalent with bloggers, and marketing efforts — not just being seen with the typical product launch. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Nihar says

    Nice artitcle!

    I some time posts latest news or events and ended up with spike in the traffic.

    But never heard the term “Live Blogging”

    I am looking forward for Part 2 post (tools for live blogging)

    • Darrin Kuykendall says


      That’s definitely one way to see those spikes. You can also add engagement & interactive elements to the “Latest News” – by simply adding a dedicated “Breaking News” section and turn a specific day of Breaking News into a dedicated event.

    • Darrin Kuykendall says

      Thanks Mani. I’m hoping people will receive some great takeaways and insights on the next two. Things that marketers and bloggers can implement into their own operations.

  3. Peter from Blogging Mechanics says

    Great post. I think that the live blogging principle is great for the product launches when there is a huge buzz around something and people are willing to grasp any new information. Most of them put the keywords in RSS readers, so that every new piece of content gets attention.

    I used this strategy once, and it was great. However, it all depends on the event, so it should be well planned. But, anyway, the idea is great, and we can always create some an event, right?

    • Darrin Kuykendall says

      Absolutely Peter, using live blogging during product launches creates huge buzz. But notice one issue that happens where many marketers loose that buzz because they don’t show up for months later until their next launch.
      The key to ensure sustainable traffic is to add other elements to the live blogging, and have a framework to make your traffic continue to grow, rather just spike up during the launch.

  4. tushar says

    i think live blogging will be more suitable with the help of videos and youtube…typing constantly is not that easy and video posts will help for sure

    • Darrin Kuykendall says

      I definitely agree Tushar. Live blogging does help with videos & YouTube. However, you must remember the focus of live blogging is to distribute information in “REAL TIME”. YouTube has only started their real-time platform, I do not believe it’s available to everyone yet.

      When doing live blogging, you want to create and disseminate information fast. One method of live blogging & commenting to do this is with the application called: Seesmic.com You’re able to create videos on the fly & publish them quickly – even through comments.

  5. Darrin Kuykendall says

    Your welcome Hubpk. Be on the lookout for the next part of my series: Executing A Live Blogging Strategy: Top live blogging tools and resources – Part 2. My goal is to provide some deeper insight into the live blogging tools that no one talks about.