What’s Your Excuse For Not Updating Your Blog?

No doubt that blogging has become a passion for many youngster.  They start their blogging journey with full dedication but after a while most of them tends to lose their confidence and they start giving dumb excuses for not updating their blogs.

Here in this post I’m gonna tell you the BEST, the WORST and pretty much all excuses that I’ve heard about why you can’t update your blog.

Now keep that in mind that to get the results you need to blog on regular basis.

At least one post per week (if not daily).

The only thing that matters is the quality of content. Focus on whether it’s worth reading or not. Use the K.I.S.S formula (Keep It Simple Silly) and write something interesting that encourages your readers to comment, share and link back.


I’m too busy right now, I’ll update it tomorrow.

No you are not going to.

If you are saying this today, you will say it tomorrow again. So don’t fool yourself that it can be put off till tomorrow.

Have you ever heard this quote?

One today is worth two tomorrows. – Benjamin Franklin

What did you understand from the above quote?

Time waits for no one. So never leave anything for tomorrow which you can do today because you never know what will happen tomorrow.

I want to hangout with my friends and family.

You can never deny that friends and family always comes first. They are the one who always supports you in your hard times without any condition.

So it’s good to spend some time with them.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t update your blog. All it takes is just 30 minutes if not an hour to write a post. And if you are not that good in writing, start reading more articles to improve your writing skills.

I ran out of blog content ideas.

That’s a stupid excuses.

You can never ran out of content ideas unless you’re a newbie.

You can follow other blogs in your niche to get an idea on which you can write a post. For example, if someone wrote a post on “How to get traffic from Twitter”, you can write a post on related topic like “How to convert Twitter traffic into leads”.

So NEVER say again that you ran out of content ideas. If you are still out of the ideas, here are few posts which will fuel your content planning:

I’m redesigning my blog theme.

Excuses for not updating

It’s not an excuse. In fact, it’s a mistake that many newbie bloggers commit.

Having a good looking theme is good but continuously redesigning or changing blog theme is a bad idea. And if you keep doing this, it will make your readers difficult to navigate your blog.

And even worse…

Search engine bots would find it hard to crawl your blog.

I’m not earning at all.

Blogging to make money online is not a bad idea.

But many newbie bloggers misunderstood that if one get into blogging he can start making money immediately.

No it’s not just like that!

Only hard work, consistent efforts and an extreme level of patience will bring you money.

I got no visitors on my blog.

Every blogger wants to get visitors to his blog. In fact, not just visitors but loyal visitors who actually spend time to reading your content, share it on social media sites and leave valuable comments.

But the problem is that getting visitors is not an easy task but of course not a rocket science.

So if you aren’t getting visitors from search engines, start promoting your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and also on social bookmarking sites like Blog Engage and BizSugar.

Over to you.

Do you have any more excuses?

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. says

    its something interesting always because all we need is big excuse to not updating blogs regularly.. however it shows the behavior and seriousness of blogmaster

  2. Hardip Koradia says

    Inspiring post by Tesur Rajan. I can see me in this story ;)

    I had tried with blogging & some static sites (eespecially for Google AdSense) back in 2010 with using in-house writers as I didn’t know (even don’t know right now ;)) how to write effective articles BUT yes, I can definitely research well & can come up with best topics. I had got success with very minimum efforts because of good keyword selection & effective writing. People always inspire if they get quick result BUT I was being LAZY after getting small success.

    Apart from it, I was also offering SEO, Web Design, Web development & content writing services for my clients So, I was suddenly getting lots of work and put Blogging task on hold.

    I always thought that I will do it later. Its almost past 4 yrs now but didn’t do anything. “One today is worth two tomorrows. – Benjamin Franklin” this is perfect quote. Yes, ofcourse I grow financially but never grow with my passion (Blogging) But this time, I will definitely come up with something soon without fail.

    Wish me for future. Thanks

  3. says

    Yes I agree that one today worth two tomorrows, two days ago i told myself that i won’t update my blog, no post for that day, and up until now i still have no idea of making a new posting for my blog lol. I like this post. Thanks