Exact Match Anchor Text Internal Links SEO : Bad or Good?

If you remember, long time I reviewed a plugin call SEO smart links, and I explained what are the benefits of using this plugin, and why you should use it. After Penguin updates, one of the most common questions I have been asked is: Is using SEO smart link plugin SEO safe? Since you will be creating exact anchor text internal links on your blog, and number will be too much.. Is it good or is it bad?

I have noticed many bloggers writing about this plugin, and saying it’s bad for SEO. Infact, for an instance I believed it might be true, but after thinking how this plugin works, I never doubted that it will hurt your site SEO ranking. Not unless, if you are using this plugin to create an excessive link to domains outside of yours. In short, WordPress plugins like SEO smart link, helps you to improve user experience, decrease bounce rate and improve your blog internal linking structure.

Since Penguin update was targeted to domains with too many exact match anchor text links, many SEO experts confused that with internal links. Thanks to below embedded video from Google’s enginner Matt Cutts, which cleared out all the doubts, and if you are one of Shouters who are using SEO smart links plugin, you have nothing to worry about.

So if you have disabled this plugin or any other similar plugin, it’s time for you to put it back. if you have not used SEO smart link plugin yet, I suggest you to check out this review article, and get this plugin for your blog. Specially if you have an existing old blog, this plugin will automate the internal linking. Here are some of the direct benefits:

  • Will help search engine bots to deep crawl your blog
  • Users will find it easier to navigate
  • Will help improving SEO of your blog
  • Your blog bounce rate will improve
  • Avg. time on site will improve

Do let me know which WordPress plugin you are using for smart internal linking of your blog? Also, do you use variation in anchor text for internal linking to avoid any Google penguin penalty?

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Tim Aldiss says

    I believe that it is the balance or percentage of exact match anchor text links that can trip you up – too many and it looks unusual, so however you do link building make sure that you don’t push anything too far in any one particular direction. Interesting topic though

  2. DIY Web Marketing says

    This is really good news! I am also glad to find out about smartlink plugin to automate internal linking. I have not installed it yet, but I am looking forward to it since this is one job which is very time consuming and prevents me from spending time on writing more posts which is what I like to do most!

  3. harshit says

    very impressive article buddy, actually i disabled my plugin but now i will re-enable it and especially thanks to matt cutts for teaching us.

  4. says

    Well, I don’t use any plugin for this, but I do create internal links with exact match anchor text and I never felt any doubt about it’s merits or demerits.

    Though reading this article raised a doubt as well as solved it nicely.

    Nicely written and thanks for the info Harsh :)